Monday, July 8, 2013

Pie maker, list creator, volleyball player = Jana

The other SIL who shares Julie's birth date is Jana. Jana is married to my younger brother and baby of the family, Brant.

After 13 years I will be publicly be apologizing to Jana for my lame-sauce behavior! I am 5 years older than Brant and when he got engaged I was not very happy. Not because of Jana, but I was being a total selfish dingbat. I was mad that he was getting married before me. I had been living the single life for quite sometime and was just perturbed that here I was still single and my baby brother was leaving me in the dust, the only sibling not married out of 9.

So in my selfishness I was not outright rude to Jana, I just didn't make an effort to get to know her. So Jana, I apologize for my immature behavior so many years ago and I hope you have forgiven me for it.

Jana is passionate about many things, health, homeopathic medicines, her children, holidays and a major passion = volleyball.

I knew I would do volleyball cookies and when I think of Jana that is the first thing I think of. I Seriously think she could Eat, Sleep and Drink volleyball. So I came up with this cookies.

It was fun to learn other things about my in-laws and I guess this is one not many know about Jana. My brother told me she loves to make lists. She seems so laid back all the time that I did not think she was a closet organizing woman! :)

Another passion of Jana's is baking, specifically pies, every thanksgiving she makes quite a few of them and she does an amazing job. Over at Ali Bees Bake Shop is where I saw some great pie cookies and I used her design.

Jana has said growing up with her own family they did not hype up holidays or make a big deal about them, and she felt that was lacking. So she has made it a point to make holidays a fun day for her children to remember and continue the tradition.
Her favorite holiday happens to be St. Patrick's Day. I am not quite sure why, but she goes all out for that one for sure.

It was fun to be able to see Jana and my brother's family last week. My children always look forward to playing with their cousins. I forgot to ask her what she actually did on her birthday. I am hoping that my brother was able to make it as memorable for her as she does for him and their kiddos.

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