Monday, July 15, 2013

Friendly VS Flirting = Kristi

It was my sister Kristine's birthday a week ago. Kristi is 4 years older than me and even though she hung out more with my brother, McKay, growing up I have always looked up to her and have been grateful that we have become closer since our youth.

I have many memories of my sister. One of my early ones is a memory that I don't really remember but have been told about many times so I think I remember it. :) We used to share a bed when were were little, she tells me the story that she got up in the middle of the night to use the bathroom and when she came back I had sprawled out like an X on the bed and she was not able to get back in. She tapped me and said "Natalie move over".... nothing, shook me a little harder, "Natalie move over".... nothing, so she punched me in the gut! In a sluggish slow tone I simply said, "wwhhaatt". She told me to move over and she was able to come back to bed. The joke was that if she would have done that to me during the day she said I would have been screaming and bawling about being punched!! I love my sister!!

If you live in the same town as my sister you are more thank likely to see her sipping on one of these. I think her favorite is a some type of concoction involving Mountain Dew and some thing else, not sure what else she puts in it.

I have many stories that would go with these cookies and when I asked my hubby what he thought of when he thought of Kristi and the first thing he said was that she is a flirt. She says that she is just "friendly" to everyone she meets. But we like to give her a hard time when she is "friendly" to men!! ;)

My sister is a cosmetologist and she is amazing at her job. I swear she is the fastest hair cutter ever!! I remember getting my hair cut one time and it took an hour and a half, the girl styled it as well but 90 minutes for a hair cut and style holy cow!!! I was not ready for it to take that long.
After high school I wanted to follow in Kristi's footsteps and go to beauty school but my Mom said oh we already have a hair stylist in the family we don't need another one. So I didn't and probably a good thing cause when I did decided to switch careers I looked into to going back to beauty school but thought about it and decided that I didn't want to do hair or nails but the skin still interested me and that led me to Esthetics which I pursued and have really enjoyed!!

Kristi usually wins the favorite Aunt award with my kids. She knows just what to do and almost evey time we go to Kanab to visit she loads my kids in her van and takes them to go get ice-cream. She also has a candy jar that the kids love to get their hands into as well. She is going to make an excellent Grandma someday!!

I had a great time staying with my sister on our last visit. We always do and I love that she will get me up in the morning to go exercise and that she is so great to my children. Thanks Kristi and I hope you birthday was a wonderful Day!!

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  1. Love the flirty girl cookie! That's exactly what it looks like!