In 2011 I started my new hobby of decorating cookies and trying out all kinds of fun treats. I have had lots of people compliment me on my work and I so appreciate it. I started this blog as Sweet Hobby by Natalie to chronicle my little adventures in sugar cookies, royal icing, glaze, fondant, cakes, cupcakes, anything yummy and most likely full of calories!
I started getting order request and in 2013 I officially started my sweets business and changed my name to SweetShopNatalie! I am a certified Home Cottage Kitchen and can sell my goods to the public. 

I am a mother of two children and keep busy with them as well as another home business called Studio S where I have worked as a Master Esthetician and Makeup artists since 2001. Having these other two roles lets me only take a limited number of cookie orders with SweetShopNatalie, I know only offer holiday cookie sales and teach cookie decorating classes.

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