Friday, July 5, 2013

It's midnight what do you do? Vacuum! - Julie

June was a very busy month for me and I had good intentions to get the June birthdays done on time but alas that did not happen. Funny thing was last year when I did cookies for my 37 nieces and nephews there was not one birthday in the month of June. This year doing my siblings and their spouses I only have 16 for the whole year and almost half of them happen to occur within 5 weeks of June and July.

I have two sister-in-laws who share a birth date, June 24th. This set is for Julie. Julie married my oldest brother over 30 years ago. I was probably around 8 years old when they got married. I still remember seeing Julie for the first time and thinking Julie was the most beautiful girls I had ever seen. She looked like a model with her long blonde hair and petite features.

My first memory of Julie besides seeing her for the first time was we were up in their neck of the woods for a visit and I think I had some fingernail polish with me. At that time they had their first child and she was just little probably around 1 year old. Well she got into my fingernail polish and she got some of it on her clothes. Well of course when mom saw that she had ruined her new outfit with the fingernail polish she was a little upset and she got after me. I was young and for a while I was a little bit scared of my Aunt Julie but that did not last long. I totally understand where she is coming from. There are plenty of times when I freak out when my kids spill just milk all over themselves.

Julie is nothing but a very nice person and she is not scary at all. In fact I love all my sister-in-laws I feel pretty darn lucky to have them in our family. All five of my brothers married very well and it has been fun to get to know all of them and to have them be apart of our family.

Julie has always loved musicals and dancing and she has passed that loved onto her girls. I know a couple of their favorites are "White Christmas" and "My Fair Lady", so I made some music notes to represent that as well as for her love of watching those singing talent shows like American Idol.

Julie also is a teacher and this past year she even got her masters degree so apples were in order for this great teacher and student.

These next two cookies crack me up. I sent a text to two of her daughters asking what were some of the things that their Mom loved to do. And this is part of what one of them said......

"She loves to vacuum :) she loves musicals/singing dancing. Shopping, Costco, she spends a lot of time there:).......

When I got the text I read it to my husband and with both just laughed we thought it was so funny so I decided to make cookies to highlight those loves. Her other daughter said her mom does vacuum a lot and will even be vacuuming at midnight!! I have enjoyed giving her a hard time over this last week about vacuuming and Costco.

But really who doesn't love Costco. I like it but I don't go to the one close to us because it is insanely busy because everyone obviously loves it too !!

The whole group. Happy Birthday to Julie I wish her many more trips to Costco and hours of watching musicals while vacuuming!! :)

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