What does your cookie taste like? I make a soft vanilla bean sugar cookie with a hint of citrus.

Is your icing that yucky hard royal icing? Well I do use a royal icing glaze, but it is mixed so that is has a soft bite to it. I promise it wont break your teeth and is not yucky! 

How long will the cookies stay fresh? If kept in the heat sealed cellophane bag they will last a LONG time. I have tested them up to 3 weeks and they are still soft and fresh. But I prefer to freeze them if not going to eat them upon receipt

What is the best way to preserve your cookies? The best way is to freeze them upon arrival in their sealed bags until you need them. Remove from freezer and bring to room temperature (3-4 hours prior) before removing cookies from their sealed bags.

Does the cookie contain added preservatives?  If you mean SUGAR yes!

It’s just a cookie, can I get a lower price?  Much love and time is put into making every cookie. From making dough to baking to mixing colors and then to decorating is at minimum a 6 hour process not including dry time and packaging. My cookies are custom, "custom" does not equal cheap. :)

Can I make a custom order. I am no longer taking custom orders.  I am still having pop ups and making holiday cookies and teaching classes

All products are produced in a approved Home Kitchen in the state of Utah

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