Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Tiggers Picnic for a Terrific Woman!

Here is the other set of cookies I did for the winning bidder of the cookie auction I participated in this month.

My good friend Laura and my number one cookie fan was the winning bidder on the first cookie auction I sponsored. She is a selfless woman who is always willing to do anything for her friends and family. She is such a good example to me and love the times when we get to hang out!!

I asked her what theme of cookies she wanted and she just gave me free reign.

I remembered her mentioning a long time ago that as a kid her favorite story book character was Tigger from Whinnie the Pooh. So I decided to do Tigger cookies for her and I decided that Tigger was going to go on a picnic.

So here they are.

Got to have watermelon at a picnic.

Some of the things Tigger might say while at this picnic.

Tigger himself!

And the picnic blanket & ants. :)

Thank you Laura for helping out the victims in Mooore OK, you are a hero!!

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