Thursday, September 27, 2012

From Arizona with Love - 007 Heath

Finally it's my younger brother, Brant, turn to have a child in the cookie spotlight.  Heath is the second child of Brant and Jana and he is quite the character.

He is full of energy and is always going going going. He loves his big sister Ria and will do whatever she is doing. This kid also has some stubbornness in him, and that most likely comes from my mother's side of the family. When Heath is around me, he will not talk to me. He does not like to be told what to do, and believe me, I have no problem telling my nieces and nephews what to do, or get after them when they are not behaving. So he chooses to ignore those aunts and uncles that tell him what to do.

I have to share this story that his mother told me a few months ago. One day she asked Heath who his favorite Aunt or Uncle was. He thought for a bit and replied "Mikko", Mikko is my husband. Jana, Heath's mother, thought that was a little odd since Mikko and Heath never really interact with each other. She then asked him why Mikko was his favorite and he replied, "Because he never tells me what to do"! So there you have it. If you want to be best buds with Heath you need to not boss him around. Pretty sure that is how most kids feel. :)

Heath likes video games just like most seven year old kids. His favorite game to play is Mario Kart, but his favorite is Yoshi, because he says Yoshi has the coolest car. I was going to do Yoshi's car, but Yoshi was simpler to do.

Heath's parents are major sports fanatics especially football. My brother played in high school and college, and pretty sure he thought Heath would love it as well. Well Heath does love sports, but loves sports that involve round balls. Soccer, basketball and baseball, but NOT football. Poor Brant. :)

The next two pictures show his favorite things right now and that is all things SPY. He wants to be a spy, and wants to work for the FBI when he grows up. So I did some sunglasses, because spies always wear glasses.

I found this cute graphic of a guy spying with some binoculars and thought it would be a perfect fit.
Also threw in a FBI cookie, which is not so great because it is hard to do writing with glaze.

I sure hope that Heath had a very Happy Birthday, and that he enjoyed his cookies!

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  1. He loved them, they were totally awesome! Thank you so much. Oh and by the way we decided the thicker ones are the best.