Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Don't let Aunt Natalie Babysit! (Dalton)

Dalton is the oldest child of my sister Kristine. Dalton is the most loving happy kid (no, adult) I know. Every time you see him he has a big smile to greet you and always gives you a great big hug!

Look at this kid's great smile. This is proof that he always has a smile on his face even since he was a baby.

I don't I know of any other person that is as loving as Dalton. He always tells his parents and siblings that he loves them. He always lets people know how great they are, and is the kindest person there could be. Even on his wedding day just a couple of months ago we were outside taking pictures and while his wife was getting some shots of her and some others, Dalton came up to me and told me how beautiful I looked that day. I could not believe it. That he would think of complimenting me on his wedding day. When I would think that he would be just wrapped up in getting married. Seriously, he is a great kid, and my sister and brother-in-law are pretty lucky parents!

There are a couple of times when I remember Dalton not smiling and they both involve me teasing the poor kid. In the picture below I thought it would be funny to see how he would react if we taped his arms down. He was only one and a half years old, and I was a stupid 19 year old. I got some masking tape and wrapped it around him a few times. Of course I did not do it really tight, he didn't cry, but was mostly just confused as to why his Aunt Natalie thought it was funny. Don't worry, my mother was in the room at the time and just thought I was as silly as Dalton.

To show his loving smiling nature, I chose to do the classic smiley face.

Dalton is in amazing shape, he did cross country in high school and still enjoys running for exercise.

Dalton wants to be a doctor and has wanted to ever since he was a teenager, and I am really happy that he is pursuing that dream. He is so loving and caring, he will make an awesome doctor, because he loves people and will have awesome bed side manner, something most doctors severely lack. :)

Dalton loves fruit and he loves the TV show Psych. So this cookie represents the two favs. If you have never seen Psych, it is a pretty hilarious show. I highly recommend watching it on Netflix.

I seriously think Dalton is a wonderful man and Amanda, his new bride, is the luckiest wife in the world to have such a loving and kind man for her husband.


  1. You rock Natalie! Thanks for the cookies, they were super-cool and super tasty :) And I just for the record I have no recollection whatsoever of ever being tied up with masking tape by you so no worries ;) Thanks again!