Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Baker, runner, canner, what can't she do = Amanda

Amanda is the third child of my oldest sister, Vanae, and she rounds out the rest of the Cumming clan posts. If you want to check out the cookies for her siblings you can click here for John, Anna, Karl and Andrew.

Amanda is another culinary queen in the family, there are many of them, but her and her sister Anna are pretty amazing women and they inherited some amazing Betty Crocker qualities from their mother. My sister can pretty much do anything. I remember once she was telling how she made cottage cheese. I was completely amazed, I mean come on who makes their own cottage cheese. She does live in a very, very small town, and she had to do a lot of things from scratch, but I am pretty sure that if it was me I would just go without the cottage cheese. :)
So with Amanda being quite the baker, I am a little ashamed of my memory of her. It was probably about 10 years ago and Amanda was coming up to SLC with a friend to see something to do with speed skating. They needed a place to stay, and of course they were welcome to stay with me and my roommate at the time. Well after they finally made it (the directions I gave were not very precise) and spent the night, the next morning I thought I would be a great hostess and make them breakfast. I decided to make pancakes and make my mother's recipe. Well when I flipped them they were so white they did not brown up. I looked at the recipe again and realized I forgot to put in the sugar. Seriously, the sugar!! Sugar helps the pancakes turn brown. I felt like a major dork in front of my niece and her friend and I felt like I let my mother down. But I just apologized, and served them anyway with a good helping of syrup. I hope she knows that even though I don't measure up to her mom as Betty, I am not so bad. :)

One of the talents, or maybe patience, is what she inherited from her mom in the talent of canning. Her and her sister can something pretty much every year. Last year they canned so many beets from their garden that they did not even have to plant them this year. I have seen this bottling jar cookie on the internet, so I decided to order me a cutter and have a go at it. I think they are cute.

Cookies to show off Amanda's ability to bake. She is so good she had people paying her to make cinnamon rolls and bread at a regular basis for a while. I wish she would bake bread for me, I stink at bread!

She has recently become addicted to running and was going to do a half marathon, but got a stress fracture and unless she wants a broken foot, she better let it heal. :)

My sister said she really didn't have a favorite food, but that she really likes chicken. I remember seeing bake at 350's fried chicken cookies so I used her idea. I am sure that Amanda eats her chicken grilled not fried. Bake at 350 said to use crushed up corn flakes but I did not have any, and did not want to buy them, so I used what I had on had which was Crunch Nut cereal and they turned out just fine.

The whole gang ready to go. I heard her daughter got a whiff of the coconut icing and said, "Yuck, I don't like coconut!", and refused to eat them. But her younger brother was not afraid of them. I hope Amanda had a wonderful day! Happy Birthday.

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  1. So clever! I love the jars, and the tennis shoes, and the chicken. Well, I love everything!