Saturday, September 15, 2012

For Bennett

First of September my nephew Bennett was sealed to his parents. My brother and his wife adopted him back in January and the adoption papers were finalized end of July, so they were able to have him sealed to them last weekend. It was an awesome experience. Afterwards they had a little get together at a park and we all had dinner. I of course brought some cookies and a cake even though it was not my assignment. :)

I had left over fondant from doing Dan's cake so why not make a little cake for little Bennett. He is a stinking cute kid just look at him. I stole this picture off my sister in laws blog, I hope she does not get mad.

Well I kind ran out of time to decorate the cookies so I just used the left over butter-cream from Bennett's cake and since my parents were staying with me I had them help me decorate. My Dad was getting all into it. I think we did a good job!

I bought some letters that you can engrave with and wanted to try it out.

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