Friday, September 21, 2012

Watch out his smile is contagious! = Rhen

Rhen rounds out the rest of the Southern Browns, he is the second child of my older brother Robert. I have mentioned Robert a few times this year, he has 7 children. If you want to check out the cookies I did for Rhen's siblings you can see them by just clicking on their name, TerenceAcaciaAngelaDallinJoe & Noelle.

 Rhen is very athletic like his older brother Terence and Rhen also has a football scholarship with BYU. This year he suffered some injuries and has to have surgery on his hip, I believe, so he is now done with his college football career. He is OK with it, he is finishing up his degree soon in construction management and he seems excited about starting the next phase of his life.

When I think of Rhen I think of his smile. He has the biggest smile and you can't help smiling back when he smiles at you. I love it. It is weird sometimes to see all my nieces and nephews growing up getting married and making me a Great Aunt. Shame on you all, I am only 40 and a great aunt at least a dozen times! ;-) Being the 8th child out of 9, I was not extremely older than a lot of my n/n's, so I got to do part of my growing up with them. Well at least the first 10-15 of them. So I always remember them as being little. So I remember Rhen as a toe headed little boy with the contagious smile that could be a mischievous little grin at times. Rhen spent his childhood years in Summerville, South Carolina, and so I did not get to spend a lot of time with his family, but while I was going to school and working out there for a year I was able to visit them. I got to go to a baseball game of Rhen's and I remember them coming to visit me at the Spa Resort I worked at in Hilton Head. Rhen along with the other kids had such a great time playing in the pool and the beach.

Check out Rhen's smile. Love it!

Rhen is now married to a lovely girl, Kori, and back at our annual family reunion I asked her what were some favorites of Rhen. She rattled off a big list. When I have asked some of n/n's parents what their favs were they would have some difficulties thinking of things, but not Kori. It was great to get so many ideas. Unfortunately I did not make a cookie for every one.

Since he spent most of his childhood years in SC and loved it, he loves the South Carolina Palmetto tree. It is on the state flag along with a crescent moon on it but I left that out.

He loved baseball and his favorite team is the Atlanta Braves. I am not so good at free handed Logo or font's but I can't justify spending money on a copy cake projector. :)

As I mentioned before he is going to be graduating with a degree in construction management, so he will need to get used to these, or at least seeing them.

Kori, his wife, said he loves to snorkel. I say good for you, you can do my portion of snorkeling as well. I have done it a few times, but it just creeps me out that some ocean creature is going to pop right in front of my face unexpectedly and I will freak out and start to drown!

Well, so he loves "manly facial hair" and I don't know if these are considered to be manly, but I have the cutters and they are fun to do.

And last but not least, the whole gang and yes this pictures and the next 3 posts I will do will look similar because I took them all at night and so the lighting was not so great and I am no professional!

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