Thursday, September 13, 2012

Quiet and mellow gets "Fresh"! = Larson

September is another busy month for the n/n's. Have to do six birthdays this month!
Along with the year winding down so are the birthdays. I have done 26 n/n's so far, that means I have 11 more to go, and I have enjoyed everyone so far. Larson finishes up the kids in my older brother McKay's family. If you want to see his siblings post you can find them here, here and here.

Larson is the third child and the only boy. I can only imagine the drama he experiences on a daily basis. :)
Larson is so great to play with my kids, and is kind and very helpful when we have family gatherings. We just got together a couple of weeks ago and family members noticed that Larson is a pretty mellow, quiet kid. Again this is what we see when we are all together it may be a totally different story at home, but again being the only son in the house I am sure he just enjoys watching drama rather than participating in it. :) Alright, I don't want my nieces to be mad at me, so I will admit that I do not know if his three sisters cause drama, but there is always the possibility.

Since Larson is mellow and quiet I do not have many memories that stand out in my mind, but then again I am 40, and don't remember the details from yesterday. But I do remember something that is totally going to embarrass him that happened probably when he was probably about 2 years old. Let me preface this with saying that toddlers do this kind of stuff all the time so it is not odd at all, but what he said with the actions was just funny.
I was at a family reunion in Idaho, and I was staying with some of my siblings and their families in a lodge and one morning I was holding Larson on my lap in a rocking chair. He was facing me and as toddlers do sometimes when sitting on a chesty woman's lap, they see a couple of "pillows" that they like to push. I guess to see how soft they are?? Anyway I started to giggle cause it is just funny when kids do this to you. If you are a woman you understand. I told him to stop it, but did so while I was giggling. What is the child to think? He thinks it is funny so he keeps doing it and I tell him to stop again and he says....."you like it, you like it". Which makes me only laugh more. Every one thought it was funny and so he continued to do it until I just turned him around on my lap so that it would end.
I hope that sharing that memory does not offend anyone and I hope that Larson is not mortified by me telling it. I love Larson and he is a great kid and he did not do anything that he should be embarrassed of. It was funny and that is why I wanted to share it.

Onto Larson favs!
He is really into the Percy Jackson novels so I did a lightning bolt to represent Percy Jackson and The Lightning Thief.

And some books again too, as he is an avid reader, his sister told me he loves to read and reads a lot of books. That is awesome, I am hoping that my kids are like that, I am already worried about how much time they can spend on the computer and they are only 3 & 5.

Larson totally enjoys soccer. His dad said he LOVES it. I too wish that this could rub onto my son. He is in this third season of doing soccer right now and just dances around on the grass. :)

I asked his sister what his favorite food was and they said eggs and toast, hands down!
So I thought these cookies turned out really cute. I got these cookies to him the other day and I just talked to his mom and she told me that he has been saying, "hey mom, I want eggs and toast to eat", then he grabs one of these cookies to munch. She said he thinks he is pretty clever. I can't get my kids to eat a fried egg yet, only hard boiled or scrambled, but I am sure they would be begging for fried eggs everyday if they were in cookie form!

Happy Birthday Larson, I wish you many more years of reading amazing adventures!


  1. haha. Larson had definitely grown out of the "2-year-old not shy around women stage."

    Thanks Natalie

  2. I meant to say "Larson has definitely. .."