Monday, May 21, 2012

Just call me Betty.... no Delores.... oh OK Brittany!

27 years ago a sweet dark haired little baby girl came into this world and filled her parents hearts with so much love. Brittany is the first born of my older brother Alvin. Today she is still sweet and dark haired and the love that her parents were filled with definitely was transferred to Brittany and she has become one of the most caring loving people I know, and she reminds me of her grandmother.

I was really amazed watching her just a couple of months ago. We went to deliver her youngest brother's cookies to him back in March and their family was gathered for Sunday dinner to celebrate Caiden's birthday at my brothers home.

As I sat on my rear end at the kitchen table I watched Brittany clean up the table from the dinner they just enjoyed, got the cakes out ready to cut, loaded the dish washer and started doing dishes in the sink. She kept going in and out of the house to check on her two little boys to help them out with whatever they needed and most of the time she even was holding her baby on her hip. She was making me tired just watching her. Of course did I offer to help?? NO!!! Instead I just joked with her. I just started calling her Delores, her grandmother's/my mom's name. My mom is always going going going, of course nowadays if my mom sits down and is not doing something she just falls asleep, because she is always going going going. :) I can see this wonderful quality in Brittany, and I see where I need to improve and help those around me instead of sitting on my rear!

This busy Mom of two little ones also teaches high school. Now I am not quite sure what all she teaches, but I know that she teaches sewing classes, and so I wanted to make some cookies to represent her awesome talent of sewing. This is another skill she could have inherited from her Grandma Brown who has sewn thousands of items through out her life.

When I dropped of the cookies tonight to Brittany she said that she had been purchasing dress forms for her class this last year, glad that I saw the idea from the Bearfoot Baker.

Brittany is also very talented at music, playing the piano has come naturally for her. I will always remember her playing my father's favorite song "Clair de lune" at one of our family gatherings.

Brittany could also be called Betty. Another similarity she has with her grandmother. She is quite the cook and baker. When her mother turned 50 last year, Brittany put together a surprise party for her. She single handedly made all the desserts for the party, and no it was not just for 5-10 people, her Mom knows everybody so a lot of people showed up. I could not believe how many cake balls she had made, that would have been the only thing I would have made since they are pretty time consuming, but no, she had at least 2 or 3 other desserts as well.

And now for the heart, I threw this one in there because I seriously think Brittany has a massive caring heart. She is always taking care of someone. Her kids, husband, siblings, parents, students, friends. She never asks for help, and is willing to do it all on her own, although that has to be a strain on her. I seriously hope that her husband knows what an amazing wife and a mother he was lucky enough to land! :)

The whole gang ready to go.

 Happy Birthday Brittany, can't believe you are 27, you have been 21 to me for the last 6 years. I guess that means I am getting old!


  1. Wow, that was the best birthday gift ever! As if the fantastic, amazing cookies were not enough, you went on to write all these very kind things about me. You are seriously the best. I loved every single one of my cookies. I am going to show the pictures to my sewing students, because I am eating all the cookies too fast to actually show them in person. Thanks again for making me feel special on my birthday.

  2. I can second everything Natalie said. You are amazing Brittany! You did a great job on her cookies Natalie they fit her perfectly. And yes we should just call her Delores, she is just like Grandma!! I want to be more like them, but it's so hard to keep up with them!!:)

  3. I am with Ashley. Greatest compliment ever to be in the Delores category! Brittany is Amazing!