Friday, May 25, 2012

I am not a Princess - Eloise

It's 1 o'clock in the morning and while I watch over my sick 3 year old, waiting to hold the bowl up to her for her next "up chuck" session I figure well I am not going to get any sleep I may as well get caught up on my n/n posts. Still 3 more to go this month.

Meet Eloise, she is the youngest child of my brother McKay. The cookie above is suppose to show off her cute bob haircut that she is sporting lately that she loves.

Eloise or Ella as most call her was born the year I got married. I remember holding her, and looking to my husband and thinking yes I finally have the opportunity to become a mom. Ohhhh, little did I know what 24/7 MOM DUTY was going to be like.

Eloise recently got some new dance shoes and enjoys dancing. 

When I asked my brother about some of her favorites, he said there is one thing that she does not like and that is being called a princess, I thought that was funny because she is a very girly girl, and she is very set on getting what she wants. She pretty much reminds me of my daughter who is very independent, wants to be in control, and is strong headed. Pretty sure that McKay and Lois would say that is just like me, but I don't really want to take the blame. :)

Ella is like pretty much all children that are 7 years old, happy and well adjusted. She is close to my children's age and the kids love to get to play with her when we are around her. Most of the time she is very cheery and willing to help and loves to be involved in what is happening. When the family gets together she teams up with her cousin Ria and they get all the little cousins pretending to play school. Of course Ella and Ria are in charge and whip the little ones into shape as only young girls can do.
She definitely has a sassy side as well and if you make her angry she may not talk to you for some time. I see as she grows older that she gets more mild, and I hope that happens with my little girl as well.

Now for the rest of the cookies. Eloise has a love for dolphins. Ella lives in the desert, and the one aquarium in the state does not have dolphins so maybe her parents will take her to Sea World someday so she can meet some. (maybe her parents will skip that part when reading this post to her)

She is also a budding film maker and enjoys making movies on the family flip camera.

She also got a new TWO wheeled bike and is riding it well.

We hope to see you this weekend and the kids are excited, just hopefully they are not sick so we can go!
Happy Birthday Eloise.


  1. She love her custom cookies. Thanks Natalie!

  2. These were so cute. I did see my tag on FB in my email, so all is well. Loved getting to see you at the family reunion.