Sunday, May 20, 2012

Green Tea Macaroon

So my job is a night instructor at an Esthetic school. I love my night students; they are always amazing, dedicated students and I enjoy being able to share my esthetic experiences and knowledge with them. The class I have right now only has two students in it, and we end up talking about all kinds of random things and a few weeks ago we got on the topic of green tea because one of the students LOVES it and drinks it everyday.


I am not a tea drinker, I seriously think that tea tastes like boiled weeds...... come one that's what it is, right?! But I know that green tea has a ton of anti oxidants in it and antioxidants fight free radicals and free radicals are the buggers that can eventually cause a cell to mutate and turn into cancer, and who LIKES cancer? No one! My hubby has already had two cancerous lesions, and my goal is to get him to eat healthier and have more antioxidants in his body. Well it is a little bit hard for me to get him to eat vegetables and fruits on his own. But he was born and raised in Finland and he grew up drinking tea and so I thought, aha, I will get him to drink green tea to get his daily dose of anti oxidants. So I bought some Matcha Green Tea and started making it for the hubby almost every morning.

Tangent over.............

So that night at class when we were talking about green tea, we also talked about French Macaroons and Dez, one of the students, had never had one before and I said I would make them some time, and she said hey make some green tea ones. So after about 3 weeks I finally did it, it was not my fault we had quite a bit of rain, and rain (humidity) is not a friend to macaroons. I live in the desert, Utah, to be more specific and I have not had trouble in the past with making this egg white concoction, but this time something did not go right, and since I am not a pro macaroon maker, I have no idea why.

These came out fine.

But at least half of the batch did this. All cracked, and what was weird was that half of them on the same pan were smooth and the other all cracked. Weird...

And then this is what happens to them when you drop the plastic container you are storing them in, on the floor. :(

They still tasted pretty darn good, for the filling I used some leftover lemon butter-cream frosting and added some Matcha green tea in it.

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