Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Florence Nightingale is rescued from a spill.....Lacee

Lacee is the younger dark haired beauty to Brittany who I just wrote about last week. Lacee is the second child of my brother Alvin.

May has been busy for me this year, but May is a busy month for my brother every year. There is Mother's day and then his two daughters, and his wife all have their birthdays in May. Fun for him, glad my busy May is only happening in 2012.

Lacee is attending college and studying to become an athletic trainer, and she gets to help out many people by bandaging the football team's ankles or caring for a bull riders wounds. She enjoys helping out those who have a medical need.

I remember a time that I got to help her out. I am not sure how old Lacee was at the time, but I would say somewhere between 10-12 years old. Let me just preface this with saying, that Lacee's mother, Tye, is an amazing house keeper. She has said more than once "oh excuse the mess of my home" and there is not a thing out of order. She also is the one that cleans the whole house before she goes on vacation so the house is nice and neat upon their return. This is not a bad thing for sure. I wish I had some of that cleanliness in me!

I don't remember why I was at their house, but Lacee was making some Kool-Aid at the time. Lacee's mother was gone at the moment, but she was going to be coming back to the house to pick her up for something soon. I was in the kitchen as well and Lacee was stirring up the drink when all of the sudden the whole pitcher spills all over the kitchen floor. Lacee looks up at me, and the look of horror on her face made me immediately feel so sorry for her. She did not have to say a thing, the look said "Oh man, my mother is going to kill me!" I quickly reassure her that things are going to be OK and I quickly say, "let's hurry and get this cleaned up." We furiously try to get the floor all cleaned up, and just in time. The horn is honked to let Lacee know it is time to go. I follow her out to the van and watch her crawl in. And as the door is sliding shut, Lacee looks up at me and mouths the words "Thank You!!" I smiled and she was on her way.

I have no idea if Tye found out about the spill, and I have no idea if she got reprimanded for it, but I am glad I was able to help her out in her time of need.

In honor to show off her willing to give support to those in need. I thought that some ace bandages would be a wonderful cookie to have. I love the little clasps.

Not only can this woman take care of people's first aid needs, but she can also take care of other's need of sweets. She is quite the baker as well, and has even made a wedding cake for one of her friends.

And what craving does she enjoy?? That would be pizza. Thanks to Sweet Sugar Belle for the pizza slice inspiration. These pizzas do actually look good enough to eat. :)

I think that her father has fostered another love of Lacee's which is camping and making bonfires.

I really liked the colors in Lacee's cookies, the yellow, orange and red I think were really fun.

Lacee's birthday was a week ago and I apologize for being so late at getting up the post. Family reunion over the holiday weekend made me a little lazy! :)

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