Thursday, May 17, 2012

The King's Quest - Brandon

Not going to get into all the events of why I am late at posting Brandon's birthday cookies. Let's just say that the loss of my brain cells are the culprit.

Brandon is the third child of my oldest brother, Matt. He followed after two girls and growing up with two older sisters was probably good and bad. I am sure that his sisters Mikkel and Ashley tortured him into do all kinds of girly things, but then he was able to get his revenge on his younger sister by being the tortuous "older brother". I had one of those too, but now we are good friends and thankfully Brandon and his younger sister Emily are good friends today. It's amazing what a little maturity will do.

My brother Matt and his family moved to my home town when Brandon was just a baby. I think I was probably around 14, so I got to be around him while he was growing up. I remember babysitting him and his sisters more than once or twice.

Brandon might be considered quite the ladies man, he seems to attract quite a few of them. He is a good looking kid and always has been. I even had a friend in high school who said she would freeze herself for him to grow up. Those dimples must be pretty powerful to make girls be willing to wait for him when you are only 5 years old. I think he needs to thank his parents for good genes!

This popularity is very apparent on Facebook. Brandon has some groupies and this group could be labeled "The 5 B's".......

Beautiful Bikini Babes Beckoning Brandon

At least monthly if not more there are pictures posted by girls who have had the privilege of having a photo snapped with Brandon and then these girls promptly upload the evidence on FB and tag Brandon. All of his family, that is friends with him, get to see these pictures as well and then the FB-stalker that I am, I go and check out the girls page that posted the picture.
I don't blame the girls for posting the picture, but I feel bad for them because they just don't seem the type Brandon is going to date or marry, but that is just the overprotective aunt in me.

Well ladies take a look at this..

Yes besides his immediately family I am probably one of his first girl friends to get his kisses! Never mind my hideous hair in this picture it was the 80's.  

Brandon is still looking for the Mrs. Brown and we have utmost confidence that he will find a Diamond among the many lumps of coal.

Now onto the cookies. This crown represents "The King", which happens to be what a bunch of Brandon's friends call him. I am not exactly sure why they call him the king. I even asked his sister and she was not quite sure herself but she admitted that she sometimes calls him that. :)

I hope that these Schnauzer cookies do not make him tear up. Brandon had two dogs and he loved them dearly. Unfortunately a couple of months ago his landlord found out he had the dogs and they got the boot. Luckily his mother was kind enough to take Tank in and Teddy went to another loving family.

And a couple of his favorite foods. Pickles and summer squash. Grandma Brown does indeed make the best summer squash and family dinners at Grandma's is how Brandon has come to love it.

The whole gang. I totally messed up his name. Seriously I have brain issues! :)

Happy Birthday Brandon you are good egg and don't forget it.