Sunday, July 1, 2018

Cookie Cake/Tart

I have seen these cookie tarts or cookie cakes all over the internet and on IG and Facebook. They look so beautiful and delicious. I thought they looked complicated and I needed an excuse to make one.

So when I realized a couple of months ago that one of my closest friends was turning 40 soon I knew it was the perfect opportunity!!

You certainly can make your own macarons and meringues or you can buy them and save your self a lot of time. (that's what I did) Or use any type of decorations I have seen some decorated with all kinds of candy and that is a great option as well. I used a mascarpone whipped cream but your could use buttercream or cream cheese whipped cream or just a stabilized whipped cream there are so many variations.

Here is what you need.

  • Your favorite roll our sugar cookie recipe (mine is here) I printed out 10inch number on paper, cut them out, placed on rolled out dough already on cookie sheet, then cut our dough.
  • Choice of flowers
  • macarons, meringue or any type of decoration
  • fresh fruit 
  • mascarpone whipped cream (I used this recipe) I had to triple the recipe for the two 10 inch numbers

Here is a speed up video of me putting it all together.  And here is a YOUTUBE link.

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