Friday, December 1, 2017

How to make Poinsettia cookies - Buttercream or Royal Icing

Want to impress your guest this holiday season. Well they will be when you show up with this poisnettia cookies. They are simple to make and can be done with tools your already have in your house.

Let's get started:

Make up your favorite buttercream recipe or royal icing or you can even use the canned stuff from the store but I do not suggest it, cause homemade is sooo much better! Click HERE to see both my buttercream and royal icing recipes.

Tools needed:

Icing colored red, green and yellow
piping bags - or ziplock bag
Snowflake or circle cookie
Wilton 366 and 352 Tips or just cut bag into a upside down V
Wilton #2 tip or just cut small hole in a piping bag
Gold sprinkles - optional

If you don't have tips just cut your bags into an upside down V as in this picture cut the bag a little smaller for the green leaves and make wider bigger upside down V for the flower.

Here is a video of how to pipe the cookies.

Let the buttercream crust and server on a platter then listen to everybody oooh and aaaah over them!!

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