Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Beachy Wedding / Andie + Brady

I am trying to catch up on the sets I did last month. This is one of those sets. I did some cookies for my nephew Brady's wedding luncheon. It was  a nautical theme.

Brady loves the water and the beach so I went with more of a beachy theme. These beach cookies with flip flops have been all over the net this summer because they are so darn cute who could not resist doing them.

I also thought sand castle would be really cute with the monogram flag or their last name.

Some seashells, my sister decorated the luncheon in blue white and tan so I went with that scheme.

In these pictures you can't see the shimmer design on the blue cookies but they were there.

Andie + Brady = Wells! I thought that was cute.

It was fun to make these and the day was a little hot but the wedding, luncheon and reception were very fun and I'm glad our family was able to attend!

I wish Andie and Brady a wonderful, blissful marriage!!

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