Thursday, August 29, 2013

Digging holes, hiking hills, racing to a bowl of ice cream! = Brant

Brant is my big little brother! He was born on the same day as my other brother Alvin that I posted about just a couple of days ago.

Brant is married to Jana and has three wonderful children Ria, Heath and Bennett. As I write more and more of these posts I realize even more how awesome my family is. How many times can I say how wonderful they are.

I have lots of memories that I could share about Brant although he is not the closest sibling to be in age, I was closer to him growing up than to any other siblings. My two sibs just older than me were really close so me and Brant spent lots of time together. I think we had some great times together. I made these cookies to represent the Chevy S10 that I drove a lot during high school. We would go to movies together and back in the summer of 1990 just after I graduated from high school Brant and I went to Days of Thunder together. If you did not see that flick it was the one with Tom Cruise and Nicole Kidman and it was about race car driver. Well there was some good car racing action in it and I vividly remember after leaving the movie house little bro and I hopped into the truck, turned up the music, revved up the engine, shifted gears quickly and sped the whole 3 blocks home!!! :) Pretty wild of us right?? :)

Brant played football in high school then went on to play college football and still to this day he is a major footbal fanatic! He loves pretty much all sports and he married the right woman, she is such a sports fan as well. They were made for each other!

Brant LOVES him some ice-cream. His wife thinks it is a Brown trait and maybe it is but maybe he is just like his old man. My dad loves ice-cream and my Mom always always has some in the freezer!

Brant also loves to go hiking and he loves to take his family on hikes. So he eats his bowl of ice cream and then works it off on the hike, he has got the right idea.

This next cookies represent his love of doing yard work. Now this is something I did not know about because growing up he sure wasn't doing yard work, well at least I didn't notice it. But his wife assured me that he quite the master of his lawn and has done amazing work around their home, she said he even dug a hole for their trampoline. I wish he would do that for me! To bad he lives 8 hours away from me.

I love you tons Brant and loved being our own little family with Mom and Dad for a few years. I loved our wrestling matches on Sundays, going to the movies, and listening to Depeche Mode and OMD together.

Happy Birthday little brother!