Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Heart Attack for Real!

A couple of weeks ago I see this post from my good friend Amy on Facebook and I was shocked and not sure what was going on.

I start texting her best friend to find out what is happening and yes indeed my 37 year old friend did suffer a mild heart attack and she was in the ICU.

Ended up that she had to arteries that were partially blocked. They put two stents in and she is doing so much better now. 

Amy was aware of heart problems in her self and her family, she has high cholesterol disease and has been on medication for that for many years and her family also has small arteries, but I am so glad that she paid attention to the symptoms she experienced  and got medical care. Woman's symptoms can different then men's so if you don't know what they are I am adding them at the end of the post.

So anyway I wanted to do something for Amy and of course the first thing that popped into my head was cookies. Then I thought oh I should not be making a bunch of cookies for someone who just had a heart attack. But then I did it anyway. She said she would eat at least one but then share them with others. :)

Some cookie prescriptions....

Band-aids to make it feel better....

EKG hearts...

The small little get well package.

I love Amy and hope that she stays with us for a LONG LONG time!

Please be aware of the symptoms and signs of heart attacks and take a look at this video from the American Heart Association.

Heart Attack Signs in Women

Uncomfortable pressure, squeezing, fullness or pain in the center of your chest. It lasts more than a few minutes, or goes away and comes back.
Pain or discomfort in one or both arms, the back, neck, jaw or stomach.
Shortness of breath with or without chest discomfort.
Other signs such as breaking out in a cold sweat, nausea or lightheadedness.
As with men, women’s most common heart attack symptom is chest pain or discomfort. But women are somewhat more likely than men to experience some of the other common symptoms, particularly shortness of breath, nausea/vomiting and back or jaw pain.
If you have any of these signs, don’t wait more than five minutes before calling for help. Call 9-1-1 and get to a hospital right away.

Thursday, April 25, 2013

Thunder Up - OKC Basketball

Courtney wanted some cookies for her 10 year old nieces birthday. Ava is a die hard OKC Thunder fan.

Durant is her favorite player on the team, so we did some jerseys and of course basketballs.

And some megaphones!

Added some stars to finish off the platter and it turned out great.

Monday, April 22, 2013

Groovy, thanks.

My friend was going to spend the weekend with her family down at her aunts home and she wanted to give her some cookies to say thank you.

I got free reign on these, she told me do just do something pretty.

I got inspired by some scrapbook paper and came up with this.

These are one of my two favorites.

And the chevron was my other favorite.

The whole groovy collection.

I thought these looked cute packaged up together.

Thursday, April 18, 2013

Kindergarten Rodeo

I was a volunteer at my sons Kindergarten Rodeo party last week. I signed up to do cookies of course and thought I would make it an art project for the kids as well.

So I made boot and hat coloring cookies for the occasion.

All of the kids loved it and took time to color them just the way they wanted them to look. Rainbow themes were pretty popular among the children.

I had to stay at the cookies station but they had fun horse races, water gun target shooting and roping chair cow games for the kids to enjoy.

Then they all got to eat lunch around a "camp fire". I thought it was cute.

Here is a shot of the cookie my son did that day as well as one he did today.
These coloring cookies are a great idea for any kind of children's party or even for a crafty project for adults.

Monday, April 15, 2013

Easter Bunny Cake

Oh dear I forgot to post my Easter cake!!

Saw Royal Bakeries chubby bunny and I had to do a chocolate version of him for our family Easter gathering.

I did a classic yellow cake with yummy chocolate buttercream frosting and decorated with modeling chocolate.

Birthdays & babies

A random post with some sweets I did last month. I only took one shot of each of these goodies so I thought I would just put them together.

First is some birthday cookies I did for a friend.

Then some North Carolina Tar Heel cookies for my good friends husbands birthday. He loves his Tar Heels.

Then just two small sets for two friends who recently had baby boys.
I also made cake pops but forgot to take a decent picture of them so all I have is this phone picture I quickly took.

The next two pictures are of small sets I made for two different friends who recently welcomed baby boys into their homes.

Friday, April 12, 2013

Belated Birthday Cookies for Don

So back in January, I decided that during 2013 I would make cookies for my siblings since I did all 37 of my nieces and nephews in 2012. Well, I did McKay whose birthday was in January, and then my next sibling's birthday was not until May so I thought since I only have 8 siblings, maybe I should do their spouses as well. I was not sure when all of their birthdays were, and typical me, I kept forgetting to find out and three months later I finally find out that I missed my brother in law Don's birthday that was in February.  I feel bad, but I figured I will go ahead and make him cookies, but just send them to him a couple of months late. Classy, I know!

Don is married to my oldest sibling, my sister, Vanae. They got married when I was 5 or 6 years old, I think.

Don has many hobbies, and they include.........

He loves to ride his motorcycle.  Don is now retired, and he took a long trip last year on his bike, and his future goal includes riding across the country, so this summer he and my sister are going to go on a long bike trip. I am not sure how many states they will be going through, but it sounds pretty fun to me. I am a bike enthusiast as well. I even posted a picture of me with the bike I had 8 years ago here.

Don also enjoys shooting. Last year when we were visiting my parents, Don and Vanae were also there visiting with some of their sons. Well, they had some down time, and they decided to go target practicing and they took along my husband, and Mikko said that was one of the funnest things he has ever done. It got him all excited to buy a gun. That has not happened yet, due to money and his many other crazy hobbies. 

Add caption
Don likes to read the paper too. Growing up when they came to visit you could count on finding Don in the same spot on the same couch reading a newspaper at some time during their visit.

This of course is not really a hobby, but as long as I can remember, Don has always been sporting a mustache. Maybe there was a time he shaved it off, but I don't recall it. These mustaches are not what his look like, but they are fun cookies.

And I am throwing in the stop sign, because it is my stand out memory of Don. We were visiting my sister's family in a very, very, very small town (2010 Census lists it just under 1,000) in Nevada where they lived and still do.
I did not have my driver's license yet, I was probably 14 or 15 years old, and we had been at their church for something. Well, my Dad let me drive the car from the church to my sisters house. This was a whole 2 or 3 blocks away. It was night time and really dark, and I am foreign to the small town, and apparently they had stop signs. Why a town that size had a stop sign, I do not know. :)

I did not come to a full stop at the intersection, and lo and behold there was a cop hanging out at that intersection, and I guess he was bored and he caught me and pulled me over. I did not get a ticket, but I was totally scared to death and felt stupid. Well, Don worked for the police at the time, and he of course had to give me a hard time about it and continued to do that every time he saw me for the next little while. So I had to make a stop sign cookie as showing I never forgot my driving mistake. :)

*my icing consistency was so bad on these cookies, but I was too lazy to fix it.*

The whole gang together. Sorry I am two months late and I hope you had a great birthday Don!

Monday, April 8, 2013

Winner of my FB 1K likes Giveaway

I love the way Sweet Hope Cookies picks winners for her giveaways so I thought I would try to do something like she does.

First I put all the entries on one piece of paper...........

Then blind folded my almost 4 year old daughter...............

Gave her a couple of spins around and armed her with a sticker...............

And there you go..... Martha is the winner!!

Congrats Martha, I hope you enjoy the prizes and once again thanks to all that entered you all sounded like you had a wonderful fun day! Thanks for liking my page and I hope you continue to stop by my blog and FB page. :)


Friday, April 5, 2013

Facebook 1K Giveaway

I know I said I would do a giveaway weeks ago, well I am finally doing it.  I just got done decorating the custom set of cookies for part of the prizes. I appreciate all the likes I got on my new page and I am excited to continue to make cookies and hopefully you can enjoy looking at them as well.

I used the cookies cutters I won from Sweet Hope Cookies 5K giveaway for the custom set I have made for the lucky winner. I also wanted to use my glass cutter, I don't drink alcohol but I thought margarita cookies would be cute. I bought me some candy containers that I thought would work great for cookie cutters, so now both myself and the lucky winner will have a cutter in Sponge-Bob, Elmo and a crown. I have also thrown in a amazon gift card just to say thanks and some spring cutters and a package of IKEA stencils.

Prizes include:

  • Amazon gift-card
  • 1 custom set of celebration cookies
  • spring cookie cutters 
  • cake stencil set
  • candy containers that can be used as cookies cutters
  • circle cookie cutter set (two sided, scalloped and smooth)
  • Green white striped paper straws
To enter the giveaway just post one comment telling me what fun thing you did today to this blog post and you will be entered to win!    Please include an email address so I can contact you if you are chosen.    *open to US residents 

Thanks so much and I hope continue to "like" my Facebook sweets page.

You have until midnight Sunday April 7, 2013 to enter. Winner will be chosen at random on Monday morning.


Monday, April 1, 2013

Operation Cookie Takeover

Recently I took part of a great group that is lifting the spirits of our troops deployed in Afghanistan.

It's called Operation Cookie Takeover. It is a way to show support to our troops currently deployed in Afghanistan. Their original goal was 1,200 cookies and the last report I saw they had 6,999. Those who volunteered shipped them out two weeks ago so they could get them all together and then ship them overseas. 

I decided to do a little patriotic theme. I hope they made it unbroken and those that recieve them will enjoy them. Thanks to all those men and women serving and protecting our country.