Thursday, April 18, 2013

Kindergarten Rodeo

I was a volunteer at my sons Kindergarten Rodeo party last week. I signed up to do cookies of course and thought I would make it an art project for the kids as well.

So I made boot and hat coloring cookies for the occasion.

All of the kids loved it and took time to color them just the way they wanted them to look. Rainbow themes were pretty popular among the children.

I had to stay at the cookies station but they had fun horse races, water gun target shooting and roping chair cow games for the kids to enjoy.

Then they all got to eat lunch around a "camp fire". I thought it was cute.

Here is a shot of the cookie my son did that day as well as one he did today.
These coloring cookies are a great idea for any kind of children's party or even for a crafty project for adults.

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