Friday, April 12, 2013

Belated Birthday Cookies for Don

So back in January, I decided that during 2013 I would make cookies for my siblings since I did all 37 of my nieces and nephews in 2012. Well, I did McKay whose birthday was in January, and then my next sibling's birthday was not until May so I thought since I only have 8 siblings, maybe I should do their spouses as well. I was not sure when all of their birthdays were, and typical me, I kept forgetting to find out and three months later I finally find out that I missed my brother in law Don's birthday that was in February.  I feel bad, but I figured I will go ahead and make him cookies, but just send them to him a couple of months late. Classy, I know!

Don is married to my oldest sibling, my sister, Vanae. They got married when I was 5 or 6 years old, I think.

Don has many hobbies, and they include.........

He loves to ride his motorcycle.  Don is now retired, and he took a long trip last year on his bike, and his future goal includes riding across the country, so this summer he and my sister are going to go on a long bike trip. I am not sure how many states they will be going through, but it sounds pretty fun to me. I am a bike enthusiast as well. I even posted a picture of me with the bike I had 8 years ago here.

Don also enjoys shooting. Last year when we were visiting my parents, Don and Vanae were also there visiting with some of their sons. Well, they had some down time, and they decided to go target practicing and they took along my husband, and Mikko said that was one of the funnest things he has ever done. It got him all excited to buy a gun. That has not happened yet, due to money and his many other crazy hobbies. 

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Don likes to read the paper too. Growing up when they came to visit you could count on finding Don in the same spot on the same couch reading a newspaper at some time during their visit.

This of course is not really a hobby, but as long as I can remember, Don has always been sporting a mustache. Maybe there was a time he shaved it off, but I don't recall it. These mustaches are not what his look like, but they are fun cookies.

And I am throwing in the stop sign, because it is my stand out memory of Don. We were visiting my sister's family in a very, very, very small town (2010 Census lists it just under 1,000) in Nevada where they lived and still do.
I did not have my driver's license yet, I was probably 14 or 15 years old, and we had been at their church for something. Well, my Dad let me drive the car from the church to my sisters house. This was a whole 2 or 3 blocks away. It was night time and really dark, and I am foreign to the small town, and apparently they had stop signs. Why a town that size had a stop sign, I do not know. :)

I did not come to a full stop at the intersection, and lo and behold there was a cop hanging out at that intersection, and I guess he was bored and he caught me and pulled me over. I did not get a ticket, but I was totally scared to death and felt stupid. Well, Don worked for the police at the time, and he of course had to give me a hard time about it and continued to do that every time he saw me for the next little while. So I had to make a stop sign cookie as showing I never forgot my driving mistake. :)

*my icing consistency was so bad on these cookies, but I was too lazy to fix it.*

The whole gang together. Sorry I am two months late and I hope you had a great birthday Don!

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