Tuesday, February 5, 2013

High Heels

My sister asked for some shoe cookies for her wards young womens New Beginnings meeting. The theme for this year was "Stand in Holy Places". So pretty much most New Beginnings this year is having a shoe theme.

I had a few different cookie cutters to choose from and we wanted to do a simple design these were the choices.

The gold shoe was chosen. Funny thing about those fondant flowers. I made about 60 of them and they were put up on the counter in a container. Well I was out of the room for about 15 minutes and later when I came back to the kitchen I see that almost all of the flowers are gone with about 50 black sugar pearls left in the container. My lovely little daughter ate 50 of the flowers and apparently did not like the sugar pearls. I was not please to have to do them again but it was not too painful.

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