Saturday, February 2, 2013

Coloring Cookies

Made coloring cookies last month. I saw the idea on montreal confections you tube channel. I had a friend who wanted to do some peace sign cookies for her daughters birthday. She said she just loved to draw them all the time. So I told her that I could make them like a coloring page in just a black out line and then the girls could use the edible in markers to color them up.

So I made them up and made a few extra little ones for my kids to try out first. Here they are coloring.

Here is one that I colored in. It works like a charm.

Some that I did for the party.

My kids finished project. My daughter keeps asking if she can color on some more cookies. So I think they were a hit. This is a great idea for a birthday or a party where you want your attendees to be a little creative. :)

All wrapped up and ready to go to the groovy party.

Oh and a pic of my son with the peace sign cookie he colored. I also saw how you can do this on a fondant covered cake and think I will try that some day as well.

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