Monday, November 5, 2012

Cowgirl who is Aces = Ria

Rianne is the oldest, and only daughter of my younger brother Brant.

Along with Dalton, Ria got to experience some of my awesome skills of "babysitting". Here is what happened once while she was in my care!! I'm awesome, I know. :)

A tube of mascara, and me doing a great job of babysitting!

She may not thank me for my awesomeness, but I want to thank Ria for hers. Eight years ago she played an important role in reassuring me that my soon to be husband was going to be a good father.

Back in 2004 I brought my husband, then fiancee, to my home for Christmas break. Mikko was a good sport being around my big family, and participating in our reenactment of the Nativity and singing Christmas carols, and answering lots of questions about growing up in Finland. Still amazes me how he does not get sick of being asked the same questions over and over again. :)
Him being willing to do all those things really meant a lot to me, but what meant the most, and what  I distinctly remember is him sitting on the floor and playing with Hot Wheels cars with Ria.
In fact, Ria really liked Mikko, and it was so sweet to watch him play with her, and it showed me that he was going to be a great Dad. And now eight years later indeed he is a great Dad, and has no problem getting down on the floor and playing with our two children.

So thanks Ria for being able to show me that Mikko was the right partner for me!

Ria is an amazing girl and she is growing up so fast. She can be a take charge kind of girl, and she also has a very tender heart, and she is the most amazing big sister I have ever seen. Her younger brother Heath is the luckiest younger brother ever!!

Now for Ria's cookies. Her father gave me a list of all her favs. She loves to watch movies and eat popcorn. And yes these are not the true colors of popcorn but I just decided to pick a color scheme and stick to it so that I did not have to make a bunch of icing bags in different colors, something I should have done with the previous 33 n/n cookies. :) Oh well live and learn.

Ria also loves the Prophet Joseph Smith. So I did his profile, I think his nose is a little off, but that's ok.

Ria loves volleyball, which is no surprise to me. Her mother is a volleyball FANATIC, she plays it and coaches and I think she may eat, sleep and drink it! :)

Ria also loves all things cowgirl. She has been in love with horses ever since she was really little. Don't know why that is a girl thing, but my little three year old girl also loves all things horses so maybe she will be the same way.

The whole gang. I was quite a few days late getting out her cookies to her. She ended getting her package on Halloween night. Not really the best thing to get. I box of sugar cookies along with all the trick or treating!

Happy Birthday Ria


  1. They were not only lots of fun they were also super delicious! Jana did sleep and breathe volleyball already, but thanks to your cookies now she eats volleyball too! ;)

    We loved them and we really enjoyed to blog about Ria. You are awesome, even if a couple kids got into a little trouble on your watch.