Friday, August 3, 2012

Tough but Soft = Andrew

Andrew's birthday was on Monday and I totally meant to get his post done while I was visiting my parents, but of course I didn't. I may not accomplish everything on time, but procrastination is something that I accomplish all the time. :o)

Andrew is the baby of my oldest sister Vanae. The weather lately has been ranging from 92-100 degrees and I can only imagine how much fun it must have been for my sister to be 9 months pregnant through the end of July. Glad it was her and not me!

Andrew is quite the character. He loves to tease people and get reactions from others. Which is where the profile cookies come into play. In the past few years Andrew finds a way to get a reaction and mostly from his extended family. He does this through hair. Dying it, shaving it into a mohawk, or growing a TON of it on his face!
Back in May we had our family reunion and Andrew was sporting a very tall mohawk for the event. I actually thought it looked pretty good. I am sure that he got some funny comments about it, but not from me. His sister, a few weeks ago, posted a picture after cutting his hair and styling it into a mohawk and she had a perfect profile. So I downloaded it because it was going to be great for his birthday cookies.

Another love or favorite for Andrew is Star Wars, but I guess to be more accurate he likes the new Clone Wars series. But hey Star Wars is Star Wars, right?!

His next love is something we have in common, and that is motorcycles. I wish I still had mine, but someday maybe I will get to ride again, or maybe I can drive Andrew's the next time I am in his city visiting! ;o)

Another love of Andrew is peaches and his mother said he loves the candy peach rings. I think these peaches might be good enough to eat. 

And something that I want to share about Andrew that is just peachy, is that he is a really good guy. He may act all rough and tough on the outside, but I have seen him interact with his nieces and nephews and he is quite the soft and sweet guy. He is lucky that his older sister lets him live with her family in their home, and I think it probably has been good for him and hopefully preparing him for what may come in his future. ;o)
I am sure that it is hard to have extended family living with you at times, but I am sure that having Andrew around has proven to be very helpful to his sister. There will come the day when Andrew moves on and his sweet niece and nephew will be very sad that Uncle Andrew is not there to help out and play with them as he often does.

Hope that you had a very Happy Birthday Andrew!!


  1. the profile cookie is my favorite, they are all awesome and great post too!

  2. Those peaches look great! So do all the others but I really like the peaches! Nice job.

  3. Amazing! I love the cookies Lois posted for Abby and Lindsay. How do you do it?!

  4. Amazing! I love the cookies Lois posted for Abby and Lindsay. How do you do it?!

  5. Profile and peaches are my favorite, Natalie, and that is saying a lot because I LOVE Star Wars (though I'm not that fond of Clone wars.)