Thursday, August 2, 2012

Bride Groom

Probably about 6 months ago I saw wedding cookies all over the web and I really wanted to try some of the tux and dress wedding cookies I have been seeing. But nobody I knew was getting married.

So June rolled around and my nephew Dalton got engaged!! I was so excited I was going to try out the cookies. I thought I would make some for Dalton's luncheon. My sister was pretty busy with her mother-in-law passing and she was in charge of girls camp for her church congregation and then the wedding, she had a lot going on. So I called her one day and asked if I could help with anything. She asked me to make some butter cream mints for the open house. I then asked if I could help with the luncheoun and she said I could bring some cookies. I said "oh good, I was going to bring some decorated cookies whether you wanting me to or not!" :o)

I must say that I had the most fun decorating these cookies. I think they are just so stinking cute.

This time I used fondant to cover the cookie and then used royal icing to to the detail work.

These are perfect for a wedding or luncheon or a bridal shower party.

Dalton and Amanda's colors were purple and orange which seems to be a popular color scheme for weddings lately.

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  1. The cookies were awesome Natalie! Thanks so much they were way yummy and way fun :)