Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Man of Steel in many ways! - Karl

I mailed Karl's cookies last week and I sure hope that they made it with out breaking into pieces. :)

Karl is the fourth child of my oldest sister Vanae.  Karl is a great guy, I think he is kind of quiet and reserved, but I also have seen that he is a definite competitor.

A wonderful memory I have of Karl is when I attended his mission farewell which I think was the same weekend as a family reunion. Anyway, probably does not really matter.  For those of you who don't know I was a biker chick.  Yes I was, and I loved every minute of it!

I sold my bike after I got married with full intentions of buying a bigger bike in the future. That future has not arrived yet, but I still fully plan on making that happen!

Anyway Karl also is a lover of motorcycles and during that weekend we decided to switch bikes and go for a little ride together. As you can see my bike was a cruiser and Karl's bike at the time was a bullet bike. I don't remember a ton about that day, but I can tell you that I was pretty nervous to ride a bullet bike, but I did not let Karl know that. At least I think I didn't, but maybe he did notice, but just never said anything. I was nervous that I might crash the bike, they are totally different especially how you sit on one and I was afraid I may just lose control and crash. It ended up great, I survived and did not put a scratch on it. But most of all I got to go on an enjoyable ride with my nephew through Nevada terrain. I am pretty sure someone took a picture of us before we took off that day, but I am not sure and if that family member is reading this maybe you can send me a copy of it!

Side note I have to mention is I left my bike with my younger brother Brant after the weekend and got a ride back up north with my sister because I did not want to ride it all the way home. Well a few days later I get a call from my brother and he crashed my bike while he and his wife took it out for a ride on his birthday! Not a happy birthday for him and I was just happy that there were no serious injuries.

Karl has always been a fan of Superman, many a times when he would come with his family to visit his grandparents he would be sporting a Superman T-shirt so I had to make a superman cookie!

He is still playing Superman, maybe not by apprehending criminals, well actually he does have a job at the jail, but he is also attending nursing school which I think is an awesome way to play superman! Helping others is so rewarding, and he is going to do a great job when he is done.

Karl's mom said he does enjoy doughnuts, and to be exact, chocolate doughnuts with chocolate icing. I don't think he eats these too often though, as he is one fit young man in my opinion. He in no way resembles the doughnut lover, Homer Simpson! :)

Of course I had to pay a little tribute to his love of motorcycles. I need to work on figuring out how to better decorate these cookies, I love them the least.

And some dumbbells to show that he loves to lift weights. I wish my husband did. ;-)

The whole gang!

I hope you have a great birthday Karl!


  1. Awesome! Love the scrub shirt and donut!

  2. I'm learning so much about everyone here.

  3. What a FUN set of cookies!! The chocolate doughnuts are my favorite!