Saturday, August 25, 2012

Double Trouble = Joe & Noelle

Cute Joe and Noelle round out the family of 9 of my older brother Robert. That is right, Robert and Nina have 7 children. Now I am not sure they had that number in mind when they got married and I thought they were done at 5 and I think most everyone else thought that too and maybe Robert and Nina thought that as well. They had 5 kids pretty fast and life was going on for the Southern Brown clan. (My brother lived in South Carolina for a long time so my family referred to them as the Southern Brown's) Well when Angela, the youngest, at the time was 9 years old Nina was surprised to find out she was pregnant and then surprise again she was pregnant with twins.

I mentioned they were in South Carolina at the time so our family to get see much of them for many years. I may be embellishing a lot of this story but I think the last few months of pregnancy were pretty hard on Nina but finally the twins made their debut on August 18th. Now most twins are pretty small you know like 4-6 pounds each but Joe and Noelle were somewhere between 7-9 pounds each. I give special props to Nina, she is an amazing, strong woman to be able to give birth to them. I mean I thought I was dying give birth to a 6 pound baby and she had twins that were bother bigger than that!

Last Saturday we got to drive down to their house to personally deliver the cookies. The kids were busy playing water games with their friends when we arrived. They took some time out to see their cookies. It was so fun to get to see their faces when they opened up the cookies and they were so grateful for them.

I have no idea why I named this post Double Trouble because these twins are not any trouble at all, at least not to me!

Noelle is quiet and kind and she is willing to play with my children which I think is great because they don't have any cousins their age and sometimes they get left out when our family gets altogether and it's nice to see when older kids are willing to invite the younger ones to join.

Noelle has a talent for piano playing and this has become a hobby of hers.

Her mother said she was really into mermaids so I was too lazy to do the whole body and face of a mermaid and thought I would just simplify my life by making tails. I think they turned out quite cute. I used the lace embroider technique for the scales.

Another love of Noelle's is the Monster High Dolls. I researched these dolls and they are dolls inspired from monster movies and horror fiction. They are have long beautiful hair and thought it would be fun to do a cookie form of them but again i just went the simple route and did the hair bow skull that is part of the logo.

Here is the little group posed together.

Joe also is a pretty quiet kid, when he was younger sometimes he wouldn't even answer me when I would ask him questions. He is so dang cute especially when you are able to get a smile to stretch out across his face! Joe also is really good to play with my kids especially my son and my son LOVES to go to Joe's house cause he has the coolest Ninjago Lego's!

Joe loves most sports but his favs are baseball and football! He sounds a little bit like his two oldest brother's who both liked to play those sports.

I was really happy to get to make these Ninjago Lego cookies for Joe because I have been seeing them all over the internet and was happy to get to try them out. One of Joe favorite things is Ninjago and it was really fun to make them.
My son was happy too cause I made him an extra ninja cookie for him.
While I was decorating them my son was very helpful in telling me all about them. Which one was which, their names, and how cool ninja's are even got to see some ninja moves!

If you wondered..... in the picture below from top to bottom we have Zane, Kai and Cole. I loved how their eyebrows are all different.

Also threw in a few mini lego cookies.

Serious Ninja's ready to get into the sporting action!

Happy Birthday Joe and Noelle! You two are awesome and our family looks forward to many more play times together!

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  1. Nice job Natalie! It's always fun to see what you will do.