Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Show and Share Baby - Anna

So I am late with Anna's cookies her birthday was Monday and I had good intentions of getting her cookies to her on time. I planned to decorate them over Easter weekend while at my parents home but the weekend got away from me and I happened to forget my food coloring to color the icing.

Pretty sure Anna did not mind, she was busy this last weekend giving birth to her 3rd child. So happy for her and her family, little LilyMae is as cute as can be.

So I have mentioned that I have 37 n/n's, yes that is a quite a few. I may not be able to recall all their birth dates but I remember the first three and have been able to do so for about 30 years. The reason why well they made it easy. John was born February 9th, Mikkel, March 9th and AnnaMae April 9th. Easy peasy, too bad they are not all that easy to remember. :)

I was in 5th grade when Anna was born and you can imagine that a 9/10 year old is pretty excited to be an aunt. Well I was, and so somehow I talked my sister into bringing little Anna to school one day while they were in town visiting so that I could show her off as my show and tell. I remember feeling really special and proud that I was an aunt and it was so great to be able to show off Anna to my friends in class.

Anna now is a mother of three, such a hard worker who takes care of her family and sacrafices so much to take care of them in anyway that she can. She has always been soft spoken and very kind. I am thankful to be her Aunt and grateful for the great example she is to me. Lately she spends most of her time taking care of her children but the cookies show off some of her interests and hobbies that she partakes of when she has the time.

 Reading is a passion of Anna's, something I think she inherited from her mother. Hope she is able to find some time to read now that she has 3 little ones. I will show a little tutorial below on how I made the book stack cookies.

Her favorite candy is peanut M&M's.

Anna loves to do acrylic nails and pedicures, so opposite of me so I figured some nail polish would be fitting.

She has always been athletic and softball is the sport of her choice.

Happy Belated Birthday Anna, hope you are getting some sleep and enjoy the precious sweetie you have been blessed with.

How I made the book stack cookies


  1. Clever with the books. I wouldn't have that of that--of course I would never have thought to make cookies for all my nieces and nephes either.

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    1. Thanks so much Georganne, that means a lot to me especially coming from you!! :)