Thursday, April 26, 2012

Olympian....could be!

So April has been a chill month, only 2 n/n's this month. Anna at the beginning and now it's Brady's turn.
Cute little toe headed Brady, I dropped off his cookies personally yesterday because I knew the kids would love to play with Zach, Brady's younger brother and it would be nice to visit with my sister Kanani. The kids in fact were spoiled.  Zach, Sydnee and Brady all took turns playing with them. It was a great afternoon activity for them. Right before I left, I saw this cute picture of Brady and his younger sister Kelsey and thought, oh man that is so cute I am going to snap a pic of that and put it in his post.

Brady is the first born of my older sister Kanani. What can I say about Brady, well I have said it before that the first thing you think of when you think of the Wells family is swimming, and especially Brady. This kid has some abs on him and it is due to his hard dedicated swimming life. (Dang it, I should have made ab cookies, oh well.)  Brady has a swimming scholarship at BYU, check him out here. In fact just a month or two ago he achieved a qualifying time to go to the Olympic trials. He will do that in Omaha, NE in June. Sure wish him luck, it is very hard to get on the US swim team since they only take 2 people, but Brady's goal was to achieve qualifying time for the trials and he did it!! Congratulations.

The memory I have of Brady is one that I am sure he does not remember but I DO! I have no idea how old he was maybe 3 or 4. Anyway I was playing care giver for him and his younger sister while his parents where in Mexico on a vacation or anniversary trip. I was in college probably like 19 or 20 years old. Well the kids both got sick and they ended up having bronchitis, if you know what that is like it was not fun for Aunt Natalie to be taking care of them while the parents are thousands of miles away.

Brady and Kelsey woke up in the middle of the night coughing like crazy having a hard time breathing. What do I do?...... well I start freaking out,......then I start to cry..... not what you do when you have kids.  Brady starts to cry because I am crying, sister starts to cry because brother is. Lot of tears, lots of freaking out!

Can't call Kanani and Scott cause they are somewhere in Mexico and no one has cell phones back then. So I call my Mom in the middle of the night crying asking what I should do. Of course my Mom is very to the point and logical and says, "what do you want me to do I am five hours away from you, call your brother and have him give them a blessing." (Worthy male members of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints hold the priesthood and are able to give blessings for the sick) So I do that, and also call an emergency medical aid number they had back in the day that gave you suggestions on what you should do. They told me to open a window in their room or wrap them up in a blanket and take them out side because the cold air would let them breath easier, which my mother also told me to do that. It worked like a charm and the blessing helped me feel better and we made it through the night. I took them to the Doctor the next day and managed to survive the rest of the week.

Now that I am a Mom I know the adult needs to be the calm one so that the kids can stay calm, lesson learned!!  Hey Brady don't get married and have a couple of kids and ask me to take care of them while you go on a vacation for a week. Make your younger sister Sydnee do it and she can have the freak out lesson. :-)

Now on to Brady's cookies. Another lesson learned on Brady.....don't try to make cookies on a day where you did not draw out your cookie plan, waste an hour or two shopping, have a playdate for kids, sprinkler repair guy comes, take a skin care client and then work your night job. End result was that I was not the happiest with these cookies. But Brady seemed to like them.

Not only are all the Wells children into athletics but they all have amazing WHITE teeth. I asked Brady once if his teeth hurt from whitening them because I can only have that gel on my teeth for five minutes at a time. He said you gotta live with the pain. They must have strong teeth cause man I can stand the sensitivity it causes to mine. Brady's teeth do not have divots in them but for some reason I was having major problems with divots in the teeth I made.

The teeth cookies were inspired by Cookie Crazie.

The BYU speedo of course for his swimming life.

Apparently Brady LOVES soy sauce and puts it on everything. In fact while I was there yesterday he put it on some potato noodle dish he ate so it is true! I think it might come from the two years he spent as a missionary on the Islands of Chuuk. (if you don't know where that is don't worry I don't either) Chuuk is one of the Federated States of Micronesia you can check it out here.

The Olympic rings of course for achieving his qualifying time to go to the Olympic trials. I know these are not linked...this is what happens when you don't plan it out ahead.

And the whole gang together.

Now I need to gear up for May. Six n/n's (the busiest month), my own daughters birthday, large family reunion to attend, and my night students graduation. Here's to hoping that the month of May does not KILL me!

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  1. I love this. don't worry you won't be assigned cookies for the reunion, maybe just chips;)