Monday, March 26, 2012

Picky eater plays sports and shows off legs!

Caiden is the youngest child of my older brother Alvin. He just turned 15 and he is a teenage boy through and through. He is a skinny kid but that does not mean he is weak. He is strong and very athletic as the cookies will show.
I love the story of how when his family would go to Kanab to visit Grandpa and Grandpa that he asked the question, "are we in Grandpa's world yet?" I am sure I did not get that exactly right but I sure hope that it was Caiden who said that and not his older brother Tanner.
The fun thing about Caiden is he is not afraid to where some out landish stuff or even sport girls apparrel and the best thing he put on was at our family reunion last year where we honored my Dad turning 80. We had family dress up as Dad in different decades and Alvin's family had the 1940's. Well there was this picture below of my Day when he was a senior in high school. They were out in the creek swimming or possible skinny dippin.

And here is Caiden dressed up like Grandpa, I wish is was closer up but he looked just like him, it was hilarious. Caiden is such a good sport!

Caiden is quite the sporty guy, his sports of choice are football, soccer and basketball where he was honored as the offensive MVP a month or so ago.

This kid a picky eater, so his mom is such a sport and makes him a ham or turkey sandwich everyday for him to take to school. Below is my attempt of making a ham sandwich cookie. I used gum paste to make the ham and cheese and then just sandwiched it between two cookies.

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