Purchasing Cookies

Pricing and Ordering Information

Please be aware that I am taking very few custom orders per month, so get your orders secured as early as you can!

Please READ all of my pricing and ordering policy before submitting and order.

I take orders upon availability ONLY.

Depending on complexity, schedule and quantity I require Minimum of 10 days notice to your event.

All custom orders start at the minimum of $75
(holiday specials I run are different)

Method of payment: Credit Card*
*3% added charge for orders over $150 

Once I get your request and we have decided on designs I will send you an invoice. Payment secures your order on my schedule. Invoice needs to be paid in 48 hours if not paid your invoice is canceled and if another customer request the same day after you but pays first then they will get the spot. It's first pay first secured. 

All cookies (except minis, they will be grouped) will be packaged individually in heat sealed cellophane bags to keep fresh. 
If you want to display them on a platter simply take them out of packing and display how you like. 

* Please keep in mind that a last minute or express order would be a minimum of 3 days notice. If my schedule allows and you order within 3 days of date needed there is a $20 express fee added.  
(My cookies take a lot more time than just simply mixing ingredients and baking the cookies. The decorating process takes a lot of time and includes icing drying time so that cookies can be packaged up. Thanks!)

*Quantity discount of 10% off kicks in when your order hits $300 and up. 

Please take notice that I do not replicate copyrighted character cookies but can do something in a theme. I also will not copy other cookie decorators work exactly but will put my own spin on the theme of your choice. 

PRICING: Prices listed is a starting point only. Once I know what designs you want and palette will determine how much time it will take to make them and I will give you a price. Most cookie designs will fall under the detailed price.

 More elaborate and time consuming cookies will be an added cost. 
Florals, texts and metallic will add to the cost.

1-4 colors/
1-4 shapes(cutters)

5+ colors and or 5+shapes(cutters)
Multiple text, florals and Metallics
Minis 2 inches and under
$22+ a dozen
$32+ a dozen
Small – 2-2.5inches
$35+a dozen
$45+ a dozen
**Medium – 3-3.5 inches
$50+ a dozen
$60+ a dozen
Large – 4+ inches
$65+ a dozen
$75+ a dozen

**Most popular size ordered for favors. Not all sizes I will have the exact shape you may want. Most cutters I have are in Medium. 

To start your order you MUST fill out the cookie order form. To do so please click the contact us button here.... 

Edible image cookies
Cookie customized with your special photograph can be made in sizes above. Pricing is the same as Basic 2-4 color pricing listed.

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