Saturday, August 2, 2014

Prison Cookies???? Yes that is what I said!

 It has been so long since I have done a blog post. I wanted to share these cookies that when I got the order I was thinking...."really??? you want what??!!"

One of my best customers sent me a text saying she was in need of some cookies. Her text said that she had a friend getting out of Jail and wanted to give cookies to them as a joke to make light of the whole situation. I can honestly tell you that this was the most interesting cookie request I have received to date.

After I got the request I started thinking of what I could do and I saw some "cute" clip art of a prisoner behind bars and I thought he had to be cookied.

Of course handcuff cookies were in order. I used this eye Wilton glasses cookie cutter to make them and trimmed the edges and then squeezed the sides down. You can get this cutter in this set here.

I then used the Sugarbelle bus cutter to make police car cookies! This cutter is so awesome. I have used it a few different times already but not as a bus. If you want to order one you can at this link on

The first time I used it was as a moving truck.
Then as a regular truck 

And here are the police cars I did from the cutter. I actually trimmed the top down a bit on these. And these were my favorite. 

I decided to do some minis to spell Free at Last!

It started out as a pretty strange request but ended up being one of my favorite sets!

Thanks Leslie for the order :)


  1. where did you find your car cutter? These get out of jail cookies are adorable!