Saturday, March 15, 2014

Doctor thank you cookies

I got a request from Wendy to make some thank you cookies for her OBGYN, I have had two children and the things that started popin into my head were idea that I was definitely not going to make up as a cookie! So I went for general ideas for a doctor theme. :)

A lot of the times instead of having to mix up a lot of different coloring icing to so a set I will just use the dipping method of covering cookies, found here, with white icing and then I add the details after the white base has dried.

So here is the set after I had dipped them in white 5-7 count icing. 

Used some stencils from Salsa Stencils and piped detail and now you have a stethoscopes, needles, and doctors coats....

a prescription pad and the caduceus, medicine symbol.

Thanks so much Wendy!!

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