Wednesday, March 19, 2014

CookieCon 2014 Artfully Designed stenciled cookies

Just a quick blog filled with a lot of pics!! Shannon from Artfully Designed Co. Asked if I could make some cookies using some of her 75 stencils that she is selling at CookieCon this week. I said of course!  
Then I got scared when I got all the stencils. I really wanted them to look great for Shannon she just wanted to have some real life samples of what the stencils look like on a cookie. 

So I got to work...this first one is the Thankul for stencil and I thought what am I thankful for?? Well my kithchen and CookieCon of course.

This is the first group I did. I did not love all of them so I redid a few...

These were the few I did over.

Rose back ground. Seriously is so pretty.

I Do!!


Retro Snowflake featuring Elsa from Frozen

Branches and leaves 

Lips and Mustache Mini


Mustache and Lips Mini

Thankful For

Jungle leaf


Fern leaf

I Do

Fall Leaves


Birthday Party


Lips and Mustache mini, I used it with icing on the stencil.

Clouds, using icing with the stencil

Double Chevron


Oval Background

Rose background

Geometric Background

Lips and Mustache Stencil


If you don't see Artfully designed at cookie con you should check out her etsy site!!  And thank you thank you so much for letting me help you out Shannon it has been a pleasure!

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