Monday, February 10, 2014

Heart Valentine Cookie Tutorial

Here is another quick cookie tutorial I did. These cookies were for my daughter to give our for valentines as her favors. She has Dora valentines but I decided I did not want to do Dora face cookies cause lets be honest the 3/4 year-olds will not even care so I didn't want to put all that time into it. :)

These came together pretty fast. I tried these in two different orders and this way was FOR SURE easier. 

What I used:
  • Heart shaped impression cookie cutter (I bought mine at Zurchers for .63 cents)
  • Stiff icing in Pink
  • Flood icing in red and hot pink
  • Hot pink nonpareils

Using this cookie cutter gives you the guidelines, super easy.


Outline and fill in the middle hear with hot pink icing.

Pour on nonpareils candies to cover icing.

 Then hold cookie upside down so excess candies fall off.  I do this on a paper plate because you can easily bend plate to filter these little buggers back into their bottle.

 You can then immediately flood in the center heart or wait a while if you want. I did these two steps to 15 cookies then did the last step. I did not let them dry any longer.

I used a Wilton 101 tip to do the ribbon edge with stiff pink icing. remember that the wide edge of the tip needs to be on the cookie and the you use use a back forth motion to make the ribbon edge.

Once the edge was dry I used a spatula to move the cookie back on a pan to dry for a few hours or over night so that I did not mess up the ruffle edge by trying to pick it up with my hand. Don't do it, you will mess it up I promise!

After I let them dry over night I put them in bags sealed them and they are ready to be passes out at the valentines party!

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