Tuesday, January 7, 2014

RaCk - Random Act of Cookie Kindness

This may have happened back in October! But it is still worth talking about.

Being a part of the cookie community has been so wonderful. I belong to an online group of cookiers and they are the most sweetest people on earth, willing to watch each others back and help out those that have had a cookie catastrophe!!

Back in the beginning of October one member posted a review of a well known etsy baker who steals others people photos and tries to post them as her own to sell her cookies. That is a BIG no no!! Well the review happened to be from a young woman who had ordered cookies from this lady for her bridal shower and the cookies where not packaged properly with just one little sheet of bubble wrap on top. They arrived to the bride in crumbs and did not look a thing like the picture she posted as hers to sell. This bride had tried to contact the seller many times to no avail hence the bad review. 

So when a screenshot of the bad review showed up on the cookie group wall Cindy's Cozy Kitchen suggested that we make her some cookies to make it up to this young bride so she would know that the cookie world is tight and we take care of each other and that we are not out there to scam customers. Within hours cookiers from all over the country were offering to help by sending a dozen of cookies each to the bride for her wedding.

Tami of Tami Rena's Cookies contacted the bride and promised that we were not crazy stalkers but that we wanted to help her out and restore her faith in the many many many other cookie businesses that are not out there to rip off their customers or other cookie businesses by using their photos as their own.
We found out that her colors were cream and white and the wedding was in just one week!!!

We had 19 volunteers who busily set out to make a dozen each of cookies to ship out to the bride in time for the wedding.

I did a few different things, from stencils, to brush embroidery.

It was fun to work together on such a project of random kindness!

Here is the collage of all the cookies she received. Amazing work from all those that contributed!!

Here is a list of all those that made cookies for the bride from left to right

But there is more!! There were many more bakers that wanted to help out but was not able to make cookies at that time so they genously paid for others shipping costs!! Isn't that wonderful. Makes me feel so wonderful that there are so many people out in the world that geunuaily want to help others. So check out these talented bakers as well.

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