Monday, November 25, 2013

Business License Draper City

After the long 10 months of waiting to be approved for my home cottage licensing through the state the next step was to get my city business license. 

I had done it before with the Skin Care business 3 years ago. I was not looking forward to it since I already knew the process had quite a few steps to go through. The last one was that I would have to attend the city planning council public hearing to see if any of my neighbors would object to my little home business.

No one objected to my skin care business three years ago and I expected just the same for the my cookie adventure. I thought since the business was making cookies that I would need to make cookies to bring to the hearing. So when it was my turn the head member jokingly said "so did you bring cookies since this is a cookie business?"...."Why yes I did"!!

No objections were made and I now have my city business license.

I used the city's logo and tag lines to put on the cookies. 

I happen to know one of the council members. A day or so later she said that all the council members were quite impressed and passed my info onto the PR rep for the city for future events!!

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