Monday, November 25, 2013

Business License Draper City

After the long 10 months of waiting to be approved for my home cottage licensing through the state the next step was to get my city business license. 

I had done it before with the Skin Care business 3 years ago. I was not looking forward to it since I already knew the process had quite a few steps to go through. The last one was that I would have to attend the city planning council public hearing to see if any of my neighbors would object to my little home business.

No one objected to my skin care business three years ago and I expected just the same for the my cookie adventure. I thought since the business was making cookies that I would need to make cookies to bring to the hearing. So when it was my turn the head member jokingly said "so did you bring cookies since this is a cookie business?"...."Why yes I did"!!

No objections were made and I now have my city business license.

I used the city's logo and tag lines to put on the cookies. 

I happen to know one of the council members. A day or so later she said that all the council members were quite impressed and passed my info onto the PR rep for the city for future events!!

Wednesday, November 20, 2013

18 hours = lots of blue frosting, tired hand and back.... oh and 3 pretty cakes!!

***Let me clarify, I do require more advanced notice on orders than I did on this one, but for a good friend, who was very generous... I made it fit into my schedule. :)***

A friend of mine called me last week and asked if I could make her three cakes by the next day. She needed them for a going away of the president of the college she works at.

She told me one of the ladies in her office was going to order a cake from Walmart and Michelle, my friend said oh no we need to have something more elegant than that. 

So I started the cakes at 2pm on Monday and they were picked up at 9:30 am the next day! It was a long day and night and my hand was TIRED! Those ribbon cakes are killer on the hand.

Thanks Michelle for the order and trusting in me that they would be fitting for you occasion!

Monday, November 4, 2013

November Specials - Pie & Turkey Cookies

Turkey Cookies

Show up with these for Thanksgiving and you will get ooohhs and aaahhs!
This is an awesome gift for your thanksgiving host.

(These cookies are based on Sugarbelle's design)

Thanksgiving platter cookies $25(1 turkey and 30 feathers in mixture of sizes)

*For an additional charge of $3 a message cookie can be added to your order.

Message me to get your order in! Can be shipped as well.

Pie Cookies

Got to have pie for Thanksgiving? Here is a great twist on it. Also great for cookie lovers to nibble one and would be an awesome gift for your Thanksgiving host.

There are 24 mini pie cookies in the box order.

These can also be shipped to anyone you would liked in the US for an extra $10

Other monthly special is free mini dozen with ANY design order of one dozen medium cookies. $36

Credit goes to Sweet Sugarbelle she is the one who came up with this awesome idea.

Saturday, November 2, 2013

The Shark Whisperer - Nina

Someone is really behind!! Who could that be! Me of course.

My sister-in-laws birthday was last month, she was out of state on her actual birthday, so I got an extra week and I delivered her cookies two weeks ago but I am just now getting to the post.

Nina is married to my older brother Robert. They have seven children!! Yes 7. So right there you have to know that Nina has to be an amazing woman with tons of patience and love to raise seven children. I have a very, VERY hard time with only two. :)

I emailed my brother and he told me some interesting facts about Nina. He said that when she swam in high school her nick name was "the shark wrestler". Sounds like she was a pretty awesome swimmer! So I decided to try out Sugarbelles version of easy sharks and it was a great idea, very simple and still really cute.

But this swimsuit cookie should have me committed. Since Nina was out of state I decided to message her oldest daughter to find out for sure what high school she attended. Well I was told it was Pleasant Grove, but my mind chose to read American Fork, yes it is the town next to PG, but they are in no way similar. And to make things worse when I gave the cookies to Nina and they asked what the A was for and I told them they just laughed and I blamed it on my niece for telling me the wrong school. Not until I reread the message did I realize that I am totally losing my mind. I immediately apologized to Nina and my niece over and over again. I'm only 41, I can on imagine how bad my mind will be in 20 years! :)

Nina enjoys reading so I found some clip-art of a reading silhouette. Yes my SIL is not a girl from the 1950's, but I thought it was cute.

Another love of Nina is of course her family. She has a lot to love with a husband, 4 sons and 3 daughters. But really she has much more to love now that three of her children are now married and Nina will become a Grandmother any day now. So this family of 9 will actually be accurate as a family 13!!

My brother also shared an inside joke with me. It had to do with them playing "Catch Phrase" and Nina yelling out "BraveHeart". I tried to make these cookies representing the Mel Gibson flick, but most people guessed that it looked like a dog!

This next cookie represents another love of Nina's as well, as my memory of her. Nina likes to talk there was supposed to be another cookie with this one showing two woman sitting at a table visiting. But when I did it, it just looked awful so my hubby and I just split it and ate it ourselves. ;)
When I would go visit Nina and her family while they lived in South Carolina there were many times where we just sat around the table and visited for a long time. I remember talking about all kinds of things from herbs and essential oils, to chiropractors and Harry Potter. I always enjoyed my visits and am grateful for Nina for being so welcoming and loving to her SIL!!

The whole group together wishing that Nina had a very Happy Birthday!

Friday, November 1, 2013

Do Over Cookies - Heart Cookies

I am a part of a little online cookie community and a challenge was put to us to "do over" one of our first set of cookies or just ones that we wanted to do over.

I chose to redo the first set of Royal Icing cookies I ever did.

I made my very first set of RI cookies back in January 2011 after reading a this post on Pioneer Woman that featured Bridget of Bake @ 350! I thought "this looks like fun I want to give it a try."

I did not even have a regular round tip but I had a small star tip and I thought "oh this small star one will work just fine." I thought the icing would smooth out. Boy oh boy was I wrong. :)

Here they are.....

And here are the redo I finished last month. Please tell me there is a little improvement!