Sunday, September 15, 2013

Shooting, lobbing, inverting with a side of Onion! - Scott

Scott is my brother in law and is married to my sister Kanani. The have been married 20+ years. ( I really have no idea the number) They are the proud parents to 5 children. Brady, Kelsey, McKenzie, Zachery and Sydnee.

When I was still at home I knew when Scott and Kanani would be coming home for a visit because my mother would be up late filling the house with the aroma of baking cinnamon rolls! We always look forward to their visits cause we knew we were in for a treat! By treat I mean their visit of course. :)

I thought about making cinnamon roll cookies, but I made those before for my niece Syd.

I found out something new about Scott, he has been into shooting guns lately and he really like to do target shooting so I believe that is called Trap. Here is my rendition of Trap shooting.

My sisters FB photo albums are full of their family on the water. They love the water, they love to swim, water ski and wake board. Scott enjoys the wake boarding. The grey one I did first and my icing was too thick so that icing guy did not look so good that why he is out of focus. :)

Scott is very athletic and enjoys many sports. He has always loved tennis and I think he was on a team or two in high school or college. But hey I could be just totally making that up. :)  I didn't come up with this technique but I had not seen it done on a tennis ball cookie before but I am sure it has, so no I am not claiming that I came up with it first. :)

He also is a number one supporter of his children's soccer. He has coached his children's teams for 15+ years! That is dedication.

And I decided to through in some onion cookies. Why? you are asking? Well, I am not really sharing a specific memory that I have of Scott but instead something that reminds me of Scott...... Yes and that is an onion!
No it is not because he has onion breath but I remember when my sister got engaged to him one of  the things we found out about him was that he LOVED onion sandwiches!!
Onion sandwiches!
I had never ever heard of an onion sandwich or of someone ever eating one! I believe it is raw onion that he likes. I now could totally be on board for a sauteed onion sandwich but raw, not sure if I would love that. So anyway when I think of things that remind me of my brother in law onion sandwiches is always one... oh and he looks a lot like Tim Allen!

Hope he had a wonderful birthday and that he enjoyed his ONION cookies!!


  1. Very nice Natalie. I love the photos too. Where did you get your backdrop?

  2. These were amazing Natalie, thank you!And they taste good too. I was looking at the Trap Shooter upside down and for the life of me could not figure out what it was.............then when I turned it the other direction it was clear. Quite clever and well done.

    I had a great b'day thank you.