Sunday, August 25, 2013

Running, Writing, Shopping = Lois

Lois is married to my brother McKay. They have four wonderful children 3 girls and 1 boy. If you want to see their cookies you can here, here, here, or here. :)

Lois is funny, smart and talented. I did not cover all her talents in cookies because there would have been too many!

Her birthday was back in the first week of August and I was able to be visiting with her family before I made her cookies so I asked them what are things that she likes to do. Her older girls said that she loves to shop. That was something I did not know. Most women do of course so I thought I would do a cookie with a happy shopping woman!

Lois has always been a healthy person and very active. She has always been a runner, I think she is the one who got my brother into running. When I lived with them at one time she even tried to get me to run. I wish it would have stuck but ummm nope!

And one of the many amazing talents of Lois is her amazing talent of writing. I am pretty sure that she graduated in Journalism. She has written for a magazine, she has been a ghost writer for doctors, she has written self help books. Her latest adventures are that of her love of the youth and young adult genre. The titles listed in the stacked book cookies are most of all the youth genre books she has written.

If you want to check out her work which I suggest you do you can see it by clicking here.  I am not a avid reader but I am right now reading her book, Cycles, and enjoying it. You can down load her books from Amazon. I think that is pretty awesome.

These next cookies are the memory I will share of Lois. I have lots of memories of Lois since I had the privilege to rent the downstairs apartment her and my bother rented out to me while I went to college.
Lois was pregnant with their second daughter and one day she came down stairs to talk to me. She was freaking out. Being pregnant can really mess you up and she was experiencing a lot of insomnia at the time. She was crying and was worried that she was going crazy and was afraid that McKay, my brother, was going to leave her. I can't remember where the lavender oil came into the picture weather she asked me about it or if I suggested it or if she said she had tried it and it was not working for her. But lavender oil reminds me of that moment. I of course cried with her because if someone is crying then I will be. :) I reassured her that she was not crazy and that my brother was not going to leave her and things would be ok.

Fast forward to many years later and after I had my first child my emotions and hormones were all messed up and I thought I was going crazy I called Lois for advice. She was wonderful and gave me tips and told me it was normal and I was going to be fine. She even wrote a book about stress and anxiety you can check it out.

It was a good experience for me to see Lois go through what she did to know that Stress and Anxiety is real and there are was to manage them. 

The last love I am going to share is the love of Pinatas!! She loves to do them for birthday's Christmas, New Years or just any day of the week!  They have done so many pinatas that my brother got tired of trying to rig them up. So he decided to just put in a permanent hook in their basement ceiling. Now they just thread through the rope and they are ready to go!!

There have been many pinata cookies all over the internet and most are made to celebrate Cinco de Mayo. Since Lois makes her own pinatas and makes them in all different styles and shapes I chose to do a running shoe cookie pinata for her.

It was really fun to make and it actually worked out!

Happy Birthday Lois, I hope you had a pinata on your birthday to celebrate and then went out for a run afterwards to work off the candy you ate from the pinata!

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  1. Love you, Natalie. You are a great writer (oh, and cookie maker). :)