Wednesday, July 31, 2013

The Domestic Goddess - Vanae

My sister Vanae had a birthday the first part of July. She actual shares her birthday with another on of my sisters, Kristi. But this year Vanae was no where near her home for her birthday. She and her husband Don were clear across the country.

They helped move out their son Karl's family to North Carolina because of  new job he started this summer.
Don has a goal of riding his motorcycle in all of the mainland states so he rode his motorcycle out to NC and my sister rode out with her son in the moving van. But to get home Vanae hopped on the bike and they took at least three weeks(estimate) getting home! I was not sure if she would last the whole trip and in fact Don told me he was surprised himself that she did not book a flight home after a couple of days on the bike. But she didn't she did the whole trip with him.

I know that had to have been a long trip. Back in my biking days even 5 hours on the bike was enough for me and she was riding 8 hours a day, I think. She is a trooper, I am quite proud of her.

Now to the cookies, Vanae works at the local school in the small town she lives in. She had been assigned to a student who had special needs for many years and did a wonderful job at it. I believe this year she is the librarian and also the computer guru of some sorts. So I did a stack of cookies and a apple.

You might wonder why this post is title Domestic Goddess well I am going to get to that. Vanae is amazing!! She can do anything. She lives in a very small town I am talking no stop light small town. She has had to do many things her self because accessibility is an issue but even if she did live in a big town she would still do all the things she has done her whole life.

First of all she is a master gardener. She plants a good size garden every year and and then she cans everything from it. She also has a few fruit trees as well. When I was out there last fall she was giving us a bunch of stuff from her garden and she was showing us what all she cans I was just tired thinking about it.

So I did some veggie cookies, I like the broccoli one the best.

Oh and sewing!! You name it she can make it. She has sewn clothes for herself, for her family, and even for me. She sewing a beautiful Asian style dress for me many years ago and it seemed like is was easy peasy for her.
My favorite memory of Vanae was when I was pregnant with my son and my family was having a baby shower for me in Kanab, Vanae drove three hours to come and when I opened her gift I just started to cry, it was a beautiful crochet white blanket! I love it so much and I felt so blessed  and loved that she would take the time to make that for my little son. I cherish is and it pass it on to his first born child when that happens.

Oh and don't even get me talking about her culinary skills. She does everything from scratch!!!! I made these roll cookies (thanks to Lilaloa, she showed how to make an awesome roll cookie from a flip flop cutter) because almost every get together my family has Vanae gets assigned to bring rolls, cause they are AWESOME!
She can make anything even her own cottage cheese!! I don't even want to know how to make it cause I am sure I don't want to take the time to do it.
Vanae is an awesome cook that is for sure.

So there you have it, Vanae, one domestic Goddess! She can cook, bake, teach, garden and sew better than anyone I know. Well maybe my Mom is just as good, I think that is where my sister inherited all her skills from. :)

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