Saturday, June 22, 2013

Hunter, cowboy, entertainer.....Tom

My BIL, Tom had a birthday earlier this month. Tom is married to my sister Kristine.

I think I must have been 13/14 years old when my sister starting dating Tom. He came to Kanab to work at the local radio station that our small little town had at the time and yes it was a country radio station. Tom has an awesome radio voice and he has spent many hours as the MC or being the announcer for high school sports.

My sister worked at a hair salon in the same business park that the radio station was located. I have no idea if she caught his eye as she walked to and from work or if she was mesmerized by the new older guy in town as she walked by the radio station window. Maybe a little of both.

I remember thinking that the relationship might be a little taboo. Why is that you say?? Was it because she was the young age of 18 and he was 7 years old than her. Umm, no, in my mind it was a little bit of a risk to be dating a guy from Beaver, UT. What was that? You are judging him because of where he grew up?? Well let me state again I was probably 13 years old when they started dating. My home town is Kanab, UT population of a whopping 4k-5k. High school sports are a big deal in small towns and since I was in 8th grade Beaver was our biggest rival. Kanab kids didn't like kids from Beaver and vice versa, it's silly, but again I was 13 and really I might be exaggerating this whole thing just a little bit. Anyway, there is nothing wrong with Tom, and he is a great guy even if he is from Beaver. JK.

Tom has an amazing laugh. I have been in a theater before and knew he was there just by hearing his laugh. He is a wonderful dad who enjoys spending time with his family, he is always willing to help out others.

This first cookie is part of the logo of the company he has worked for ever since he left his radio days behind him. He has worked for Garkane Power for many years, and from what I can tell he enjoys it.

The microphone cookies to represent his awesome radio voice which indeed it is.

Some movie film because he enjoys movies. My husband especially loves Tom for this because he can chat with him about the latest films.

Most of the years that I have known Tom, he is sporting one of these... no, not a cookie mustache, but one made of real hair! :)

Tom also enjoys watching TV, especially sports, so I thought a remote control cookie would be fun.

Tom is out quite the outdoors man, he likes to go camping, hiking, exploring and hunting. In fact, he was out on the Red Rock Ride on his birthday this year. (Horseback ride through the picturesque Southern Utah) He helps out the company who puts this on each year and he gets to be a cowboy for a few days. 

The whole gang altogether. 

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