Saturday, June 29, 2013

Fathers Day Cookies 2013

Oh wow I just realized that I never posted these Father's day cookies. I am brilliant. A friend wanted to some golf cookies for her husband and this is what I came up with.

I also offered life size remote control cookies. I made only 12 of them and I thought of that is not that many it would be simple. But they were so big it was the equivalent of doing 36 regular sized cookies. Then all those buttons and then writing on all those buttons. What was I thinking!!
From now on I will go with a more simplified remote control cookie like I did here. My hand will thank me for it. :)

Patriotic Birthdays

The 4th will be here really soon so I am going to try and actually post these patriotic cookies before the holiday! That does not happen often with me.
The first week of June I participated in a cookie auction with a bunch of other cookie decorators around the country to help raise money for the victims of the Moore OK tornado.
We ended up raising over 15k for them which is so fabulous.  I am so grateful to those who bid on my auctions I had two. This the second one, I will post the cookies I did for the 1st winning bidder of my sets.
This fabulous bidder is Kate, when I contacted her to see when she wanted her cookies and what kind she wanted she said that he and her two nephews had birthday all right by the 4th so she figured a patriotic theme would be a great idea.
I was more than willing to do that I so these are the ideas I came up with.
I think my favorite are the bursting firework cookies. I hope that they arrive safely to Kate and her family and I wish Kate, Miles and Nelson a very Happy Birthday!  

Monday, June 24, 2013

Flowers to cheer up

I made these cookies for two reasons. First was for the inspiration challenge that Lilaloa has going on this month. I am not in love with these because the brown color did not turn out like I wanted it too. My favorite is the one in the middle and happen to be the last one I did and when I was all done I was mad at my self that I did not use the grey color as the base on all the cookies but oh well. Life goes on right.

The other reason I made these was for a friend who just had a tough life experience to go through and when I don't know what to do or what to say, I just make cookies. So these went to her.

This is my favorite by far!!

Saturday, June 22, 2013

Hunter, cowboy, entertainer.....Tom

My BIL, Tom had a birthday earlier this month. Tom is married to my sister Kristine.

I think I must have been 13/14 years old when my sister starting dating Tom. He came to Kanab to work at the local radio station that our small little town had at the time and yes it was a country radio station. Tom has an awesome radio voice and he has spent many hours as the MC or being the announcer for high school sports.

My sister worked at a hair salon in the same business park that the radio station was located. I have no idea if she caught his eye as she walked to and from work or if she was mesmerized by the new older guy in town as she walked by the radio station window. Maybe a little of both.

I remember thinking that the relationship might be a little taboo. Why is that you say?? Was it because she was the young age of 18 and he was 7 years old than her. Umm, no, in my mind it was a little bit of a risk to be dating a guy from Beaver, UT. What was that? You are judging him because of where he grew up?? Well let me state again I was probably 13 years old when they started dating. My home town is Kanab, UT population of a whopping 4k-5k. High school sports are a big deal in small towns and since I was in 8th grade Beaver was our biggest rival. Kanab kids didn't like kids from Beaver and vice versa, it's silly, but again I was 13 and really I might be exaggerating this whole thing just a little bit. Anyway, there is nothing wrong with Tom, and he is a great guy even if he is from Beaver. JK.

Tom has an amazing laugh. I have been in a theater before and knew he was there just by hearing his laugh. He is a wonderful dad who enjoys spending time with his family, he is always willing to help out others.

This first cookie is part of the logo of the company he has worked for ever since he left his radio days behind him. He has worked for Garkane Power for many years, and from what I can tell he enjoys it.

The microphone cookies to represent his awesome radio voice which indeed it is.

Some movie film because he enjoys movies. My husband especially loves Tom for this because he can chat with him about the latest films.

Most of the years that I have known Tom, he is sporting one of these... no, not a cookie mustache, but one made of real hair! :)

Tom also enjoys watching TV, especially sports, so I thought a remote control cookie would be fun.

Tom is out quite the outdoors man, he likes to go camping, hiking, exploring and hunting. In fact, he was out on the Red Rock Ride on his birthday this year. (Horseback ride through the picturesque Southern Utah) He helps out the company who puts this on each year and he gets to be a cowboy for a few days. 

The whole gang altogether. 

Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Scrap book cookies & GIVEaway!!

Since I said I would do this over a week ago.....
since I hit 1200 likes on my facebook page. (I love you all)
since I have been meaning to post these scrap book cookies but don't have much to say about them......

I'm doing a small giveaway!

I have been getting inspiration from scrapbook paper lately. Here are a few that I have done.

So take a look at these cookies for a second.............

...... then comment on this post telling me what you do with scrap book paper.  Write on it, look at it, decorate with it, scrap book with it, or don't even care about it!

(please don't leave an anonymous comment or else I will not be able to contact you if you are the winner)

There are two different prizes that will be given to two winners chosen at random. 

One will receive.....

  • One set of custom cookies made by me maybe like something from above or you can choose a theme. (this prize will be for USA resident only, I'm afraid they would just be crumbs upon arrival)
The other will receive....

Winners will be chosen on Friday morning 6/21!!
Thanks for stopping by and thanks for being one of my likers!!


Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Cookies of the Sea

Did some mermaid tales and sand dollar cookies for a little girls 7th birthday.

I used the colors from the invitation.

I like the sand dollars, they have a little shimmer to them but I was not able to capture that in the pictures

Used the brushed embroidered technique for the tails. I have done these tails before you can see them here and here.

Thanks Emigh for asking me to do these for your daughters birthday!

Monday, June 3, 2013

Graduation Time

 My friend Tuija asked me to make a cake and cookies for her daughters graduation party.

In my head I have all these grand ideas, and in my head I think it is going to take 2 hours to complete and is going to be easy. When in reality it takes 8+ hours and nothing you plan works out. Ganache won't set up so you add more chocolate then it sets too quickly you finish the top of the cap and notice that you covered the board wrong so you have to chuck it and start again, you try making a tassel 3 or 4 times but it just keeps breaking apart so you just scrap the whole idea. Oh I could go on and on but I wont. I finally finished the cake and the cookies. Cake people say cookies are too time consuming but right now I feel the opposite. :)

Here are the cookies I did, much less stress here except for the airbrushing... I so need to work on my skills with that. But I've got plenty of time to do that.

Amanda is way prettier than these cookies, she is such a beautiful young woman. But this cookie version is cute too. Oh and this cookie version is copied from one of Sugarbelles creations.

Her mom told me that she likes Africa and I had these stencils with all these animal prints so I thought I would try them out. I figured out a better way to use them after I was done so hopefully next time they will be more sharp.

 Some diplomas and stars for such a super grad!!

We had a good time at the party yesterday. My husband got to speak Finnish to all the Finns that were there and I did a lot of smiling pretending I knew what they were talking about!! :)
Congrats Amanda and thanks Tuija!