Saturday, February 16, 2013

Baby Thank You - Lila Loa Feb Challenge

Over at Lila Loa she challenged her readers to sketch out before doing our cookies and then we got to share them with her.

Sometimes I sketch and sometimes I don't but I think it is a smart way of doing it because just thinking things up in my head don't come out on the cookie like my head thinks it is going to, so sketching is probably the smart thing to do.

I got an order to make some thank you cookies from a mother to be. She wanted to give her nurses that would be helping in her schedule induction and birth of her baby boy. So I made a sketch for her of what I thought would be a cute idea and then sent it to her.  She said they looked great.
(I have done the baby faces before which are SweetSugarBelle's idea.)

I think they ended up pretty darn cute.

I hope that her induction went well and that the nurses enjoyed their thank yous.

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