Monday, January 7, 2013

Makeup, Fashion, U2 Addict = Amy

Sweet Amy, seriously she is!
I have known Amy for almost 10 years now, I think. :)

She always has a smile on her face and you can't help but be happy when being around her. Her birthday was a few weeks ago and I wanted to give her some cookies that reflected her.

She love shoes, that girl has more shoes than anyone I know personally. If only she was my neighbor and we wore the same size then maybe I could be as fashionable as her, as long as she let me visit her closet everyday!

Amy also loves all things, nail polish, shoes, purses, spa days you name it. But her number one love for many years was U2. She has been all over the world to see them in concert and in my mind she is indeed one of their #1 fans.

Glad I was able to make these for her and glad to be able to spend time with her when I can.

I tried out a cinnamon roll cookie recipe for her cookies they were ok, but I still love my vanilla cookie the best. :)

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  1. I just read this sweet blog post about me! So nice! You have such a talent!!! I'm so grateful for your friendship. Amy