Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Walking his way into all our hearts = Bennett

Last week I officially completed my goal of baking and decorating cookies for all 37 of my nieces and nephews.

Bennett is the youngest child of my younger brother Brant. He came into their lives last year when they got a call that they had been chosen by a women for them to adopt her child. He was only a few days old when they got to bring this wonderful baby boy into there home.

He is a very happy boy and he has brought so much happiness to my brothers family. His older brother and sister, Heath and Ria have had no problem adjusting to suddenly have a baby brother and they love him like no other.

Since little Bennett is only 1 year old I don't really have a memorable experience to share of him besides getting the privilege to hold him and love on him. :)

Not sure if he has too many favorites in his young age so I just went with a birthday theme.



But I do know that he enjoys his pacifier. :) I wonder if his parents let him suck on one of these.

A couple of presents.

And some number 1's.

Happy Birthday to Bennett and that wraps up the 2012 n/n goal.

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  1. Yayy!!! So awesome!! Love the frosting colors. The bows on the presents look shiny! Really cute!!